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Homer repeatedly saying "Heads Up"? Sideshow Bob?

I have searched but did not find anything about this.

Was Sideshow Bob in my town? I couldn't figure out what was going on and had exited before it hit me that this could be a notice that he'd showed up in my Springfield. Now I am so mad at myself, I can't even believe it.

If not, what else could it have been?


  • When homer says "heads up" it means a new buildings timer is finished.
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  • In addition to what @simpsonare said, if you are KEM farming, you'll hear it repeatedly when they are done building. It used to drive me crazy
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  • :o:blush::dizzy:

    Thank you both. I feel much better now.

    I have been farming, and I usually play with the sound down. Turned it up to find Maggie and he wouldn't shut up. :D
  • I keep getting a notification that it's been two days since I've played, even an hour after I've played.
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  • Weird. I upgraded my phone and now I don't get any notifications. I've checked all settings and by rights I should be hearing them but -- nada.
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