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One boardwalk tile at a time?

I have no limit in my inventory for tiles. in fact yesterday i put 10 in their while i was redesigning it.


  • mattperiolat
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    edited June 2013
    cl891 wrote:
    I've managed to store more than one at a time because I don't bother laying them down until the buildings for each quest are finished. I'm sorry to say it might be your game Matt. Maybe try storing the Squidport entrance after it's made the next tile or an uninstall and reinstall of the game?

    Maybe. There is also the small chance that I cannot count and I really had zero tiles in my inventory. 36 hours is a long time. Only way to know for sure is to wait the three days to build two tiles and see. That and sometimes when laying down tiles, I cannot get them to move from their starting place, just sit there as a red square and I have to back out, move a bit and start over.
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