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Contest: Free Gift from Springfield at Universal Studios, Orlando, FL

So I'm not entirely to sure how to start this... I am probably one of the first people that originally downloaded TSTO, but one of the last people to sign up to this board forum.

I've been watching the Simpsons since a kid in the early 90's, own every season on DVD and even have two copies of the Simpsons Movie (one was a gift) haha.

Anyway, that being said... Unlike a large majority of you (living all around the world) I live in South Florida, about 2 hours outside of Universal Studios. I probably go to the theme park 2-3 times a year, as I love rides and more specifically, love the Simpsons ride. This will be my first time since they've opened up a portion of the new "Springfield Area" which includes Moes, The Quick-E-Mart, Krusty Burger and so on....

I figured since I love the Simpsons, just like the rest of you, I would spread some of that love by buying one or two souvenirs and bringing them back and giving them away for free. So I wanted to start a contest, which is free for everyone to participate. I wasn't sure how to make this fair, so i figured I would let the board ultimately decide.

Here are the rules:

First Round:
I would like the participants to post an image of their favorite decorated building, of either Moes, Krusty Burger, the Quick-e-Mart or the Simpsons House... These being basic free buildings that everyone would have and are the newest additions to Springfield in Orlando. Please include a few sentences on what your inspiration was, why you would like to win, or maybe how much you love the simpsons... really anything you want to say is fine. I will pick my top 3 favorites (regardless of level or notoriety here on the board) for the final round.
First Round Deadline: Monday July 1st, 11:59pm EST.

The Final Round:
On Tuesday July 2nd I will pick my top 3 favorites. (I cant post pictures yet, so hopefully someone can repost the pictures for me when we get to that, lol) After the announcement, everyone can vote on who they think should win. I will then tally the votes and announce the winners, from first to last place.
Final Round Deadline: Wednesday, Juy 3rd, 11:59pm EST.

1st Place: Your choice of either a Simpsons Tshirt, Coffee Mug, Key Chain or Comic Book
2nd Place: Simpsons Key Chain
3rd Place: Though no monetary gift, the next time I visit (most likely in October on 2013) you will automatically be enrolled into the final round along with 3 other participants.

I am leaving for the park on July 4th and will be back home Monday July 8th. I'll take pictures of what i purchased, and the two winners can then pm me their address and I will ship it out sometime that week as soon as I can. Obviously if you live out of the country, it may take longer to reach you.

Look guys, I am only doing this out of the kindness of my heart and love of the Simpsons. If you think this is stupid or have any negative comments, please keep them to yourself. This really is for FREE (completely FREE). I'm just a guy that loves the simpsons, is blessed enough to have a good job and live near Universal Studios Orlando. It literally costs me a few $100 to go up there with my girlfriend, versus a few thousand dollars for some from out of state to visit, let alone out of country.

So please, have fun with this contest, I hope it's a success and I can do it again in a few months. And hey... If only two people participate, I guess then by default you both would win the prizes, lol.

Thanks again everyone. And may the best Simpsons fan win!
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