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Linking devices

I've been playing for years on my Kindle Fire HD for years. I moved today and won't have internet (or tv) til Tuesday. Can I access the game, where I'm at on the Kindle, on my phone?


  • 4junk3000
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    As long as you sign in to the same userID you can use as many different devices as you want, to play that same games progress
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  • Obviously you need to download the game on that device first though.
  • You will probably get warning messages when you log on with your second device.
    Click 'Play now'
    Click 'Continue'
    Note: It is a good idea to always synchronise (by going to friends screen and back to your town) after every time you play, so that progress is saved.
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  • I’ve played on my 2 iPads, an iPhone, a LG G2, and a pixel2. The iPhone is no longer useable (too old) but I have rotated through the others regularly.
  • I switch from my iPad to my phone when I leave for work, then back to the iPad when I get home. When I get the above Warning! I click cancel, then I log back in and out on the first device to allow it to synchronize.
  • Thanks.
  • Thanks to all. You were helpful.
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