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What's the one area in your town you won't move?

Does anyone have an area in their town they won't redesign or move? There have been so many that I thought I had perfect and refused to redesign, but over the year I had to change it (item limit or no space). E.G Terwilliger. The only area that has survived the test of time is my entrance to SFH lol!


  • From now on it'll be Krustyland in my SH area unless they add more land up there then it'll change. :)
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  • My old west area has been the same since the 2016 event. Also my airport, town square, and recycling/dump areas are all pretty much original
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  • The Civic district where the government buildings stood. They must remain in the heart of the town
  • fastshadow2
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    this was probably my first design
    not going anywhere, been there since release

    have added a couple decos but mainly the same!
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  • I'd also say my airport and skyscraper with central park area as well. Only expand on them.
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  • I won't touch what I consider the main part of my town. I'll never forget when my sf got out to where my prison is. I never could imagine it getting any bigger.. that was a while ago!
  • The only areas I shift are the ones that have always been fringe areas. I moved the Wild West area when it became swallowed up by ‘development’, and I’ve just moved the casino area to the outskirts. I’ve put ‘established’ buildings there instead, ie Springfield University, Capitol building etc.
  • I used to think I had a good handle on the flow of my town until we got the new town portrait feature. Been shuffling all sorts of things around now but it's been enjoyable :)
  • Currently? Every part of my town right now.
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  • JJR2112 wrote: »
    I used to think I had a good handle on the flow of my town until we got the new town portrait feature. Been shuffling all sorts of things around now but it's been enjoyable :)

    Ohhh I have yet to use the feature! I'm sure that I'll run into this same problem!!
  • Just my town hall/square and Simpson's neighborhood. I zone all of my areas so the houses/apartments always have a place to go.
  • The area I started from after my first nuke is basically stagnant. Only major change to the core was removing the monorail. After that? Stagnant.
  • The centre of my Halloween area seems to be a sacred cow as it has not changed, I just add to it every year.


    In my #2 town the nature area is untouchable....so far

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  • ramrod130
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    My Lake Springfield is also untouchable..

  • I actually don't think I ever moved the Simpson House since I first started playing in July 2017. After I placed the Flanders House, everything grew around it.

    So yeah, not moving those.
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  • Here are 2 of mine:

    ^^^This won't move because of all of the ISBBs and C6NVs behind them.


    My neighborhood has been pretty much the same since I started playing.
  • ramrod130 wrote: »
    My Lake Springfield is also untouchable..


    All the cars in town are parked at the stadium because every where else you have to pay. :joy:
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  • SF Airport

    And Squidport
  • Basically everything released and necessary up to about Barts entrance level got placed and I've never moved them. Nostalgic.
  • I have an overdone children's park/castle that I can't move so it's kind of stuck in the center of town.

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