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How many torches do you have and do you still dig?



  • I went digging and found my first 6 torches at a cost of approx 500 pickaxes, having started with around 1700.

    Not a bad way to earn XP/donuts too although the animated payouts keep getting in the way of the game!
  • 4Ov8dV9.png

    I've been stuck on 49 for a few days now. I still dig regularly

    I keep mine in storage along with these other items as I'm at that point where I have to balance XP vs Item count so I'm swapping out items of less than 2% multiplier.

    I only take them out If I'm verging on an extra level up with my regular XP items. They give me an extra 70%

  • 4junk3000 wrote: »
    I play as often as i can remember. It's not a priority but i do include it in my daily full collection sweep, unlike the other archaeology dig site with no bonus item.

    I have this many:
    I tried to line up the stairs in this design so it would look like a 3-D style, deep pit. A large, hidden tomb behind the old church. Do you see it?

    I like that design.


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