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WHYDW Your town lately?

I noticed while looking around that there didn't seem to be an active thread for any non-current event related designs anywhere, so I thought I'd try my hand at something. Make any neat designs lately involving default and/or older stuff? Why not show them off here!


  • Castiel19x
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    I've been redesigning a lot lately and this is what I'm currently working on outside of event items. I never really show any of my old designs once events are over and done with.
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  • did this yesterday
    fast2shadow2 in Crawl to the Finish
  • Here is my field of dreams

    And this I did after seeing someone else had done a field of toilets
  • Here is my redesigned Future stuff
  • I’ve been redesigning krustyland.

  • Willy9292
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    Taking the new land and having fun. At the very top end I have a highway that runs all the way to the mountains. Just behind it are all the SH buildings, with a gap to hide all my jet bikes, signs, etc so all the multiplier items are hidden in 1 area.


    Found a use for the Hail Ants signs, a protest along the highway


    Traffic got pretty congested though....


    And secured the border....


    And working on the docks...

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  • Over the last few weeks, I redesigned my Squidport but I still need to add a Popcorn Stand to make it complete. Lately, I have re-added the Fire Department and other decorations from the Crook and Ladder event to my town. I will add the images in the next few days. :smile:
  • I've been Working on my Krustyland the last 3 days as I've moved it from SH just so I can expand it and this is my outcome so far. Think I've put at least 12 hours into this one and still not finished. :joy:

    Nuking is always the answer
  • Got the Tailgate from the yearbook box, figured I should set up something for my stadiums with it.

  • torin8337
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    edited April 1
    Here's my Squidport, it is fairly basic and missing a few little items but I like how it looks now than it did before.


    Edit: attempt to fix image to appear on post instead of just the link to image.
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  • Rough design for a Springfield University. Took me a long time to work something out.

  • Also, thanks to the Yearbook box I'm starting on a Vegas area!

  • brogames111
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    edited April 6
    It’s been a while since I’ve posted any pics, but here’s what I’ve been playing with recently.



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  • torin8337
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    edited April 1
    I had the fire department in storage for years since I couldn't figure out any designs for it but using inspiration online I went with a little and basic design using trees, hedges and event items with the building. I also used paint on the image which may or may not be obvious to see. ;)
  • I've made a HUGE mess.......
    Already had a mess.... then I pillaged all the land.... now I am stuck in a Giant re-arranging Mess.... I've pretty much destroyed almost all the stuff I had completed with decor and all..........
    I'm feeling rather LOST in it today...
    PM me- I DO need Good Neighboreenos currently
  • Been creating a holiday villa area for my crustyland

  • Also moved and improved my space exploration centre and finally found a place for the giant magnifying glass and giant popsicle tower iw3d5jbmytry.png
  • Redoing my country fair atm and this is what I've done so far. :)

    Nuking is always the answer
  • Did this a little bit ago, thought I'd share now. I missed whichever event had the airport parts, so I made my own out of Modern Mansion garages and Globex wings! (From the Yearbook Box.)

  • Blastboom wrote: »
    Did this a little bit ago, thought I'd share now. I missed whichever event had the airport parts, so I made my own out of Modern Mansion garages and Globex wings! (From the Yearbook Box.)


    What little plane is that on the left side of the airport?
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