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What is the first event you remember playing?

What level were you and what do you remember about it? How hard was it for you to make it through?
List of events
The first big event I played was Superheroes in 2015. I had been playing for about 2 weeks and had already become a premium player and totally obsessed. It was pretty hard to make it through even being a premium player because I was still a pretty low level.
I liked how the graphics were changed a bit to give town a comic book feel. And the font was changed to a comic book font.
And Plopper!!


  • First event for me was stonecutters
  • My first, and I believe THE first, was the tie-in with the Duff Racer. The first big event I remember was the first Halloween, with the Mayan calendar and the zombies.
  • I came in halfway through scyfi. I had no clue what was going on or why I was having all these strange things being thrown at me. Almost quit but glad I stuck it out.
  • Clash of clones
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  • Whacking Day was my first event.
  • As a newly minted player I dropped right in the middle of the 1st Whacking Day event, which puts it April/May 2013. So, coming up on six years. Wow...

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  • Whacking day
  • Treehouse of Horror XXIII, the very first one and it hooked me. I did get hit with the bug after the event where I couldn't log back into the game for a few weeks, though.
  • Halloween 2012 was the first event ever, so that was it
  • I've played since day 1 but I think Whacking Day is the first event I actually remember.
  • Just after Valentine’s Day 2013 ended. I remember trying to log in every four hours trying to complete the event, but with not enough characters, I fell way short.
  • Homerpalooza was my first event, but I can't recall the level I was at. I believe was still under Level 60 at this point; so I'll spitball and say I was somewhere between Levels 30 and 45.
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  • Whacking Day for me also... I can’t remember what level I was on at that point, or how big my town was. I’d been playing for ages without any clear idea of what I was doing. I wish I’d been more engaged with this forum from the get-go.
  • Stonecutters for me. I think it started a couple of days after I started playing and I wondered what the heck was going on.
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    lol This is basically the same thread as "what event did you start playing the game on?"
    lol And Sure I will say it again. I started playing During the Stonecutters event which is the fitst ever event I can Remember playing, the downside though was I started near the end of it. So I never got everything from it until later on during my playthrough of the game.
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  • First event I really started getting into it was Valentines Day 2014 with the wheel, but started a few months before. Started playing religiously after I missed out on some freebies EA gave on random/specific days. Didn't want to miss out on any free stuff. Wow, over 5 years on the same game. Totally worth it. Now if only I can de-clutter my town. They should have a Marie Kondo character.
  • VigilantGuardian
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    My very first event was Christmas ‘12. I remember it very fondly, I just started the weekend before while the Day the Earth Stood Cool Episode tie-in was happening (the cool brown house was one of my first buildings, go figure). During the event itself I was able to collect all the prizes culminating in SLH for 1500 Santa coins... when the event was extended another week we got a mystery box that gave out reindeer and donuts. I was able to save enough mystery box donuts to snag myself Kearney. I played the entire game level 7-24 while it snowed which gave me such a shock to see how everything looked when the snow melted in February.
  • Valentine's. 2012 when I got my iPad for my Birthday. I had no idea what the event was about, and didn't understand the premise of events, nor the game itself, and as is, after the first 3 days, I almost deleted the game because, I didn't like trying to figure out how to do anything, but decided to give it one more try, and finish out the first 7 days. I got hooked, and now you know the rest of the story.
  • Oh, and somewhere between levels 1 through 5.
  • I don't know if I can call this an event, but my first event was Rex Banner.
    Sometime in July 2013.
    I had no idea at this point that this was something special.
    But I do remember how excited I was about his payout, as I just started.
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