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What is the first event you remember playing?


  • annettemarc
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    The Halloween event with the gremlins and goo. THOH XXIV.

    What I remember most clearly was that I had just begun playing the game a few (?) weeks earlier and had been going happily along decorating my sweet little Springfield with all its pretty green grass and trees and flowers and then suddenly one day I opened the game to add some more flowers and ... Wham! the Halloween update hit and my town was hideous.

    I was horrified. I had no idea what an "event" was. I just thought TSTO was going to be a cute little town building game with cute cartoon characters doing cute little cartoony things.

    The event turned out to be a blast but I dreamt of the day I could get back my cute little town to decorate. :)
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  • HI!
    Bart Royale and Valentine's Day 2018
  • Halloween 2012 and I dont remember what level, maybe 20 or so?
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  • Sci-fi... the first and the ugliest 😅
  • Clash of Clones.... started during the event so didn't know it was an event as opposed to the game lol
  • My 1st was homerpalooza back in 2017 and I enjoyed it, but setting up performances was a bit of a mess.
  • Been here since day one so think first event I remember is Halloween 2012.
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  • Mine was Whacking Day. I started after St. Patrick’s day in 2013. I cannot remember the level that I was on but I definitely hadn’t reached 60. Probably around level 25. I was having so much fun playing that my husband downloaded the game as well, we competed with each other to see who could get all the prizes first. I believe that I got the last community prize on the last day.
  • The Mayan calendar was my first event
  • The first Christmas event. I came in after it had started so was really disappointed when the snow went and everything was a bright green!! Still love the snow.
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  • "The Musk Who Fell to Earth".
  • Been here since the beginning so Halloween ‘12 woulda been the first - the mind is too foggy to remember what level I was at back then.
  • Christmas 2012, I started playing right after the first THOH event. Really had no clue what was going on until I found the forum a few months later.
  • Whacking Day. I think it was 2013 ... not really sure anymore ... TSTO was just released for Android, I loaded it up and was mystified and confused for days. By time I began to grasp the mechanics, the event ended. I got one special / event-related NPC ... the snake with a helmet. My very first NPC and I still keep him wriggling around my SF to this day.
  • I started playing in August 2012 so I had time to get my towns set up before the first Halloween event. I remember being thrilled with the new content, the new tasks and thwarting the zombies.

    I’m still here! :)
  • I had been playing a while, think I started in an event that I had no characters to use in. When Clash of Clones hit I had all the main characters, had some idea what was going on, and was able to play it. Still my favourite event. I had some "new" neighbours like @simpsonare and some of the other regulars way back then. Still have about 20 of my original neighbours.
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  • I started playing in January 2014. (I tbink). It was the tail end of a Christmas event.
  • Christmas 2013. I started in the middle of it and had no idea what was going on. Lol
  • Halloween 2012. Also the only event I did not manage to finish.

  • mystery2mi wrote: »
    Christmas 2013. I started in the middle of it and had no idea what was going on. Lol

    Hey neighbor! Hope the cold isnt too rough on you guys up north :D

    2013? Where does the time go?
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