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What is the first event you remember playing?



  • That Easter one that everybody loved
  • mystery2mi wrote: »
    Christmas 2013. I started in the middle of it and had no idea what was going on. Lol

    Hey neighbor! Hope the cold isnt too rough on you guys up north :D

    2013? Where does the time go?

    Hey yourself, neighbor! Time really flies doesn't it? I replied to your weather comment on "How's Your Weather" in Off -Topic. ;)
  • Whacking Day was my first event, although I hadn't been playing the game very long. Don't think I managed to complete it. I do have O'Flanigans Pub, not sure if that was from a mini event, it was one of the earliest buildings I had in my town.
  • I came in half way through the first act of 2016 halloween. And that was the only act in any event that i didn't finish. Death was a character i longed for as he was the only thing i have missed. But finally got him during the black friday sales i think.
  • I started in the middle of Valentine's Day, 2014. My first full event would have been... well, we just don't talk about that one. :/
  • simpsonare wrote: »
    Clash of clones

    This. I missed Stonecutters.
  • I really don't remember and didn't think about it at the time. But searching around my town the oldest event decoration I found was the Present Depot from Christmas 2013. Other Halloween / Thanksgiving / valentines stuff were from 2014 on, so I believe this was my first
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