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Simpsons tapped out

Does anyone know if we will be spending game cash to buy land?

I can’t afford to buy anymore doughnuts as it is.

Landtockens take 12 hours to collect. Been a game player since it started.
I’m now getting a little board with the game.

I wish more land to set up different stage of the game.
I also keep asking for switch tracks for the monerail.

Feb 23 2019


  • annettemarc
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    edited February 2019

    You would get a LOT more good advice on this question if you posted it in the "Game Discussion" section of the forum instead of this "Off Topic" section. Most members and heavy-duty players dont come to this section at all.

    Knowing a little more about your situation can help me know how to help you ...You mention you've been playing a long time ... The land tiles from the whatchamacallit building generate every 12 hours but you can "rush" another land tile for 12 donuts.

    I know you said you cannot afford to spend rea-life money (been there myself) but there are ways to earn donuts using cash, and but it depends on a few factors.

    1. What is your multiplier? (It's visible if you click on the yellow stars at the bottom left of your screen ... )
    2. How many characters do you have?
    3. How much in-game cash do you have at the moment?
    4. Are any of the characters premium?
    5. Do you have any items in storage that have multipliers?
    6. Did you build any Springfield Heights buildings? Those have multipliers even at the base level for most types, etc.

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  • So you have the GGR and your still complaining about land tokens?

    Instead of heading off to Game Discussion you should set course for periscope depth.
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