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Thanks to the good Samaritan who got the debris out of road!

I didn't know where else to post this and I know he will never see this post, but it's the only way I can thank the guy who put on his emergency flashers to get out of his van and remove big pieces of metal out of the way of the cars behind him! We have very high winds here today and there's a lot of stuff blowing around! Does anyone know of a website where you can thank anonymous do-gooders?


  • Well it depends what country you live in but sometimes in an area there might be an advertiser kind of like a free news paper and if you txt in a message they might have a section they print such things in.
  • KLmaker
    1498 posts Member
    In UK there is "Rate my plate", I did hear of a "Date my plate" at one point.

    But the newspaper is a brilliant idea, that used to be so commonly done, it might have gone the same way as public phone boxes.
    With mobile phones people post it somewhere now, but there's no guarantee they see it.
    I wanted to do it yesterday but I will invariably do it tomorrow (ish).
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