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Krusty Shuttle not working

I have the Krusty Shuttle and a Krusty land that's made IN the Springfield town. How do I create Krustyland in another area linked to the Springfield town? I saw on youtube that some people can click on the shuttle and it will take them to a completely different map linked to the same user.


  • 11EEvey
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    There was an event last year that removed the Krustyland as a separate area. Now Krustyland is built in Springfield.
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  • The Krusty shuttle will act as a transporter in Springfield between the 2 shuttles
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  • 4junk3000
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    I've been using this a lot lately it's actually very handy now that the grid is so big. We really have a lot of land now. I have been working on my KL for the last four days, so having one stop near the LZ is great. In a game of tapping, sliding your finger is so tedious.

    And since this was your first post, welcome, and I'll be happy to mention that this kind of question certainly qualifies to post in the primary forum category Game Discussion. You'll get more feedback there on anything game related, not just gameplay of storyline. This category is usually completely non related discussion of whatever.
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