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    How I usually eat on a normal unexciting day. These dishes are prepared in mass and you just choose what you want. It is most economical to eat in this way
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    Nasi Goreng Ayam.. meaning rice fried, with Chicken. Ate at a Indian Muslim eatery
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    Five Spices Chetinnad Chicken Biryani

    Charbroiled Cheese Burger with Bacon

    My friend had the burger while I had the rice. Today's dishes with fancy names were consumed at a restaurant in a country club by the pier.
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    A small Murtabak mutton. I am always very full after eating this.
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    Eating laksa again. No two stalls served the same laksa. There would always be some differences and some would be more popular than others. But cockles will be a common ingredient for all. Cockles is commonly called hum here. If you said Mai Hum, it means you do not want to have hum. There was a period when a song My Hump by Black Eyed Peas, was very famous here. Because our PM made a mistake of saying Mee Siam Mai Hum in an important address to the people. Mee Siam is a dish that doesn't serve hum. By trying to show that he was down to earth, he ended up backfiring as it showed that he was not in touch with hawker food.
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    Chee Cheong Fun with a twist, with added crispy Beancurd skin. This is not a common combination.

    Chee Cheong fun is made of rice and rolled into flat noodles and eaten with sweet sauce.
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    A fish ball noodle. This version is called dry and with chilli and to use small yellow noodle. The best fish balls are made from yellow tailed fish. They will indicate this on the signs as it is a good selling point. There is also a pork meat ball here and one fish dumpling. The soup base is so deliciously fish sweet. But not all stalls produce the same standard. The best stalls will always have a long queue.
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    Fried Carrot Cake black. Stirred fried radishes with eggs. Black is via using a black sweet sauce. There is a white version without using the sweet sauce. A hugely popular dish.
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    Fried Kway Teow. Main ingredients are cockles, fish cakes, bean sprouts. A popular dish
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    Burger King Whoopers.
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    A limited launch snack from McDonalds
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    Roasted pork belly and Char Siew Rice. One of my favourite dish. This cost around 3 USD. I am only about 70 percent full from this though.
  • Ozyz5cY.jpg

    Eating curry chicken noodle again. This particular stall was listed into the local michelin's bib gourmand list of 58 items. Cost about 3.80 USD
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    KFC mighty zinger burgers.
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