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What's for dinner?


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    A gelato treat at sentosa Island Singapore. I rarely buy this as it is expensive. This is regular size of two flavours and I buy two meals with this.
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    Samurai Burger. Actually it is black pepper beef burger. Only available in certain periods. Fries is shaker fries seaweed flavour. We put seasoning into a bag and shake the fries in it. The last time I told some western tourists how to eat, they looked at me like I am a mad man and continued to dip their fries in ketchup.
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    Bubur Cha Cha or Bobo Cha Cha. A coconut milk base dessert with ingredients like sweet potato, taro, jelly, sago. Can be eaten hot or cold with shaved ice
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    Putien Braised noodle or also called Xing Hua or Heng Hua Braised noodle. Also has a common name of White Lor Mee. This cuisine originates from a place Putien in Fujian province in China and the dialect used is Xing Hua. Ingredients are generally seafood stuff and the soup is thick and seafood sweet. The use of seafood is because the place in China is near coastal area. A restaurant chain with the name Putien is also very popular here and is also a Michelin rated place.
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    I was at a temple and the eve of mid autumn festival was celebrated. After doing my prayers, these are some of the food I ate at the festival. A performance of songs and jokes were also carried out.

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    Today is Mid Autumn Festival 2019. This fruit, pomelo is part of the festival food besides mooncake. I cannot eat too much as a boy as it may upset the tummy as it is hard to digest. I guess is due to the pulps and fibre. The skin has medicinal properties and women after giving birth may use it in bath to remove wind. My brother likes to wear the skin on my head like a cap though when young
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    Japanese curry chicken cutlet rice
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    Mcspicy. A very popular fried chicken burger here that is very spicy
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    Ba ku teh aka pork ribs soup. This darker version is more herbal in tastre. A very popular food here
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    Chwee Kueh or steamed rice cakes. A very traditional inexpensive breakfast staple from the Teochews. It is topped with preserved radish and chilli. One local celebrity ever remarked that he will never eat this anymore as it reminded him of his poverty in his childhood.

    Bedok Chwee Kueh (Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre)
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    Curry chicken noodle. Also contains fried bean curd known as tau pok. This is different from another similar looking dish known as Laksa.

    Hock Hai (Hong Lim) Curry Chicken Noodle (Bedok Interchange Food Centre)

    This two items which I wrote previously just got into a Michelin’s Bib Gourmand 2019 list that compiled good food for affordable price. There are currently 58 eateries in the list with a mix of hawker stalls and restaurants. I actually don't like the food to get into the list as very soon, the price may increase
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    Prawn noodle. The main feature of this dish is the intense broth, cooked in prawn heads and pork ribs. And the prawns must be fresh. This version I ate is the dry version. The soup version, the noodle will be in the broth itself. This is another very popular food. You usually can get a refill of the soup for this.

    I ate this from a stall Whitley Big Prawn Noodle. It is a Michelin plate food, which means it is in the guide and is considered a good food with fresh ingredients. But it has no star and also not in the Bib Gourmand (Good and affordable) list .
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    Matcha dipping Mcflurry. A limited item but the matcha is hard and has sharp edges. Poked a small hole on my tongue
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    Something different from the usual apple pie. I don't really like it though
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    Putu Piring, specifically this is the Haig Road Putu Piring, supposedly the best here. A snack sold by the Malays. Mainly steamed rice flour and inside filling is a kind of palm sugar known as Gula melaka. To be eaten with coconut shavings by hand. The texture is very soft until you come across the semi melted sugar which gives some crunchy feeling. I tend to eat the Chinese version known as Kueh TuTu. It has a firmer texture and has fillings of coconut or peanuts or chocolate.

    I just found out that this item I wrote previously is a Michelin Plate rated item. Considered a good food. This stall is also featured in Netlfix Street food
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    A tea break with Old Chang Kee Curry puff. This is the default buy for curry puff. The cake is called a sugar roll cake with sugar coating from Polar, another popular local brand for cakes and pastries like chicken pies. It is almost the default place to buy chicken pies. In the background is a small coffee in Nanyang style from Toastbox. Toastbox and Yakun are two popular coffee places that traditional people like to frequent. The hippies and young tend to go to Starbucks. All these local brands stores are found almost everywhere in all shopping malls.
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    Nasi Chicken Paprika. Nasi means rice in Malay.
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    Though this is called big breakfast, I am only half full eating this.
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    Thai style fried chicken with rice.
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    A mixed parts mutton soup by Chinese. Key feature is the intense herbal taste broth.
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    A pork porridge with raw egg added. It will be cooked by the porridge itself.
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