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State of Despair: Premium Walkthrough

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Adding Sky Finger Monument's here due to it requiring Blue-Haired Lawyer to continue.

Get to the Point Pt. 1

If started during event: After completing Inter-State Debacle
Quimby starts

Quimby: Order, order, I, er, bring this town hall meeting to order!
Quimby: Something strange has come over our town. And it’s not March Madness because we eradicated that years ago.
Quimby: We’ve been having a series of, well, I don’t want to say Biblical plagues but I’m, er, going to.
Lisa: It’s global warming! We drove the Earth to its limits and now we must pay. But we can stop it-
Quimby: No one likes to hear about global warming. So let’s put our heads together and find something else to blame.
Ned: Isn’t it obvious? We know exactly who to blame-diddly-ame.
Rev. Lovejoy: Oh no. Dear Lord, why do I even bother leaving my trains?

Task: Make Ned Rant About Fire and Brimstone
Time: 4h
Location: Town Hall or Brown House

On job start:
Ned: We have incurred God’s rather just wrath because none of you were willing to spend one hour in church one day a week.
Ned: But you'd all rather sit around in front of the TV getting fat than visit our Lord on a Sunday.
Ned: He's seen how you've pushed him aside in favor of all your vices, and now he's sent a plague to teach us.
Ned: We must show him we got the message loud and clear by erecting a monument to him on the front steps of the courthouse!
Ned: The Ten Commandments erected in solid gold ought to do nicely. Yessir, empty out your pockets and let's start the collection.

Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Get to the Point Pt. 2

Blue-Haired Lawyer starts

Blue-Haired Lawyer: I feel I must advise you that erecting a statue to the Ten Commandments would violate separation of church and state.
Quimby: Not to mention that gold is both tacky AND expensive.
Ned: B-but, if we don't erect a statue to our Lord then how can we expect his forgiveness?!
Homer: Wait a minute, if we're going around erecting statues to gods then what about Sky Finger?
Rev. Lovejoy: Hmm. Sky Finger is not formally recognized by the church, more's the pity, so it wouldn't violate separation of church and state.
Quimby: Great! A proposal that's unlikely to get me sued. Make it so!

Task: Place the Sky Finger Monument

Homer: Wait a minute! I thought we were making this statue out of solid gold?!
Quimby: My heart said gold, but what's left of the city budget after I, er, borrowed some funds, said styrofoam convincingly painted like bronze and stone.
Homer: So Sky Finger erects an entire city and this is all the thanks we give?! We can do better...maybe?

Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Get to the Point Pt. 3

Quimby starts

Quimby: Better? What more do you want, a parade? We're not allowed to have those anymore after the last one ended in a stampede.
Homer: What about a ribbon cutting?
Quimby: That also ended in a stampede. We're a town of stampeders.
Homer: There must be something we can do to show our devotion to Sky Finger?! Like, I don't know, a funny limerick or something?
Ned: I think you mean a prayer.
Quimby: I've never known a limerick to start a stampede. Let's give it a go.

Task: Make Homer Compose a Limerick to Sky Finger
Time: 8h
Location: Sky Finger Monument or Simpson House

On job start:
Homer: A God amid thumbs is our Sky Finger.
Homer: On the might of its point our lives linger.
Homer: Our town isn't the same.
Homer: Since its knuckles took reign.
Homer: Something, something, comedic rhyme, the end!

Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Get to the Point Pt. 4

Quimby starts

Quimby: That was barely a limerick, but at least it didn't result in a stampede.
Marge: Homie gave it his best, that ought to be more than enough.
Ned: Yes, everything always seems to work out for him, but in matters of religion I really think you ought to listen to a more Godly man.
Homer: Hey! Sky Finger! I wrote you a poem; I've never even done that for Marge. Come on, I've always thought we were pals!
Homer: Don't turn your back, er, the back of your finger on us now!

Task: Use the Sky Finger Monument

Homer: Woohoo! I knew Sky Finger was our one true savior.
Ned: B-b-but! I've been praying to our Lord for a miracle for years and Homer recites half a poorly written limerick and gets it?!
Rev. Lovejoy: Come along Ned, I've got a bottle of communion wine I've been saving for just such a crisis of faith.
Homer: Bless you Sky Finger, I'll worship at your altar as often as I feel like it, and always with a side of nachos.

Quest reward: $200 and 20 XP

Into Harm's Way Pt. 1

Auto starts

Squeaky Voice Teen: All rise for the honorable Judge Constance Harm!
Judge Constance Harm: Rise higher! Use the provided step stools! Yes, that's the stuff. You may now be seated.
Judge Constance Harm: Before we begin adjudication, Defendant, is there anything you would like to say to the court?
Maggie: *suck suck*
Judge Constance Harm: Order! Order in the court! Do you have a reply, Plaintiff?
Baby Gerald: *ominous glare*
Judge Constance Harm: Bailiff, I know toddlers are fully capable of representing themselves in court. But babies?
Squeaky Voice Teen: Court orders. You’re too harsh on adults and too mean for children. We are hoping Baby Court will be just right for you.

Task: Make Judge Harm Sternly Contemplate Babies
Time: 1h
Location: Juvenile Courthouse

Judge Constance Harm: Sorry, I don’t have baby fever. Just dengue, yellow, and cat-scratch.
Maggie: *suck suck*
Judge Constance Harm: Dancing baby? Nah, still feel nothing.
Baby Gerald: *ominous glare*
Judge Constance Harm: Now there's a baby after my own withered heart. Let's hear your case, Plaintiff.

Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Into Harm's Way Pt. 2

Judge Constance Harm starts

Judge Constance Harm: Where are the babies’ lawyers? There should be one behind each snack table.
Lisa: Maggie! There you are. How did you get yourself arrested?
Bart: Aw, baby court. This brings back memories.
Judge Constance Harm: You two tiny adults. You will be these itsy-bitsy adults’ lawyers. I hope for their sake you’ve passed the bar.
Bart: I’ve snuck into a bar. Does that count?

Task: Make Judge Harm Assign Lawyers to the Case
Time: 4h
Location: Juvenile Courthouse

On job start:
Judge Constance Harm: Children, I’ve written down everything you need to know about being a lawyer on this card.
Lisa: It just says – “Settle.” Hmm…
Judge Constance Harm: I can tell that you have the moral compass of a defense attorney. You shall defend Maggie.
Judge Constance Harm: Now you, sir, how do you feel about recklessly wielding your disproportionate amount of power and determining people’s fates on a whim?
Bart: Sounds like my dream job!
Judge Constance Harm: Prosecutor it is! You're hired!

Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Into Harm's Way Pt. 3

Judge Constance Harm starts

Judge Constance Harm: What are these babies’ crimes? Except the obvious ones of being on an airplane or eating in public.
Squeaky Voice Teen: I saw these two babies fighting over a lollipop. I turned my head for one moment and then poof the candy was gone and Baby Gerald was crying.
Judge Constance Harm: That’s proof enough for me. Guilty!
Lisa: Objection your honor!
Judge Constance Harm: But I already banged my gavel! It’s the second best part of my job, after Meatball Mondays.
Lisa: My client has the right to plead her case! And to change her diaper.
Judge Constance Harm: Fine. Bailiff, assist in changing the defendant’s diaper. I’d help, but I’ve got important work to do.

Task: Make Judge Harm Sharpen Pencils
Time: 8h
Location: Juvenile Courthouse

Judge Constance Harm: Alright Maggie, if that’s your real name, let’s hear your side of the crime.
Maggie: *suck suck*
Lisa: My client says that while she was in the park, both she and Baby Gerald found an unattended lollipop, which they then fought over.
Baby Gerald: *ominous glare*
Bart: Objection! My client says that he saw the lollipop first. It’s a classic finders keepers scenario.
Maggie: *suck suck*
Lisa: Everyone knows that finders keepers is predicated on touch, not sight. Maggie touched the lolly first. She is the finder, ergo the keeper.
Judge Constance Harm: This would make some riveting daytime TV. But what happened to the lollipop?

Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Into Harm's Way Pt. 4

Judge Constance Harm starts

Judge Constance Harm: Unless we produce this contested property, I can’t make my ruling.
Judge Constance Harm: Wait a minute! I’ve got it! Babies stick out your tongues.
Judge Constance Harm: Drat. They're just tongue color.
Maggie: *suck suck*
Lisa: Oh! Maggie says Mr. Burns was in the park. Maybe he saw who stole the lollipop!
Judge Constance Harm: It’s subpoena time!
Bart: Wow, the court lets you have balloons and sparklers?
Judge Constance Harm: I have to pay for it out of pocket, but it’s worth it!

Task: Make Judge Harm Hand Out Subpoenas
Time: 12h

Lisa: I call to the stand Montgomery Burns. Mr. Burns, who stole the lollipop in the park?
Mr. Burns: Oh, candy gets stolen from a baby and now everyone looks toward the town’s only known baby candy thief. Is there no justice?
Bart: Permission to treat this witness as hostile?
Judge Constance Harm: Granted.
Bart: Show us the lolly, you old dirt bag! Or Bobo gets it.
Mr. Burns: Nooo! It wasn’t me. I swear. I was at a benefit to save the ocean from the whales.
Judge Constance Harm: Mr. Burns, I’ve just been informed that you have threatened to start a lengthy and expensive judicial impeachment campaign. Unrelated, you are free to go.

Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Into Harm's Way Pt. 5

Judge Constance Harm starts

Judge Constance Harm: I guess we’re back to that classic conundrum: who’s the guiltier baby?
Bart: Not so fast, your honor. There was one more person in that park that day.
Lisa: Is Bart figuring out something before me?
Bart: There was also--
Squeaky Voice Teen: I confess, I stole the lollypop from the babies. I wanted to feel like a big man but now I want MY mommy. *dramatically weeps into a soggy handkerchief*
Bart: Aw, you ruined my dramatic reveal.
Judge Constance Harm: Another inside job, another case closed. Maybe I should do a better job vetting my employees…
Judge Constance Harm: But I must say, I’ve grown fond of these babies. Maybe one day I’ll become an aunt and occasionally send age-inappropriate gifts to my niece. But today, I will keep my kindness to the sentencing.

Task: Make Judge Harm Pass a Lenient Sentence
Time: 24h
Location: Juvenile Courthouse

Judge Constance Harm: In the case of Maggie Simpson vs. Baby Gerald, I find the Bailiff guilty of willful candy theft.
Judge Constance Harm: I hearby sentence you community service: free babysitting to all who need it. Including these two – where are their parents?
Quimby: Judge Constance Harm, may I call you Constance?
Judge Constance Harm: No.
Quimby: I like your style. Bitter on the outside, but also bitter on the inside. Like a solid 90% dark chocolate bar. Are you interested in a promotion?
Judge Constance Harm: Finally, yes!
Quimby: I’m moving you to Critter Court. The only all-animal court this side of the Mississippi. Whichever side that might be.

Quest reward: $200 and 20 XP

Young at Heart Pt. 1

Judge Constance Harm starts

Judge Constance Harm: I sentence you to four weeks of Pinterest parenting.
Homer: I can’t create that much whimsy! I wouldn’t even know how to Bento a box!
Judge Constance Harm: Perhaps you’ll think twice before bouncing all the castle out of that bounce castle.
Homer: You shouldn’t be allowed to operate a business in America if you aren’t prepared for an obese man.
Judge Constance Harm: The law is the law and I’m not above it. Except when I’m on an airplane – then it’s sky law.

Task: Make Homer Create Magical Memories
Time: 4h
Location: Juvenile Courthouse

Bart: Dad, get me another grilled cheese in the shape of Texas.
Lisa: Dad, where’s my hand-sewn beautifully designed Arbor Day costume?
Marge: And what about that indoor trellis with distressed beams and paper flowers for our family portraits?
Homer: Ugh, this punishment combines my three least favorite things: effort, parenting, and documenting.

Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Young at Heart Pt. 2

Homer starts

Homer: Maggie, you won’t judge me if I don’t make your childhood perfect. Because you still love me no matter what.
Maggie: *suck suck*
Homer: A bejeweled pacifier? Are you sure I can’t just give you candy?
Judge Constance Harm: You better make that candy from scratch or it’s jail for you!
Homer: *sigh* I’ll get out the glue gun and sequins.

Task: Make Homer Bejewel
Time: 4h
Location: Juvenile Courthouse

On job start:
Homer: Children have it too good these days. Nobody doted on me and I turned out fine.
Lisa: Dad, do you think you’ll get unstuck from the doorway soon? I need to use the bathroom.
Homer: Daddy has to wait until he panic sweats off some weight, sweetie. Use the sink.

Quest reward: $200 and 20 XP
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