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Celebrate Task Glitch

I just completed a task, Make Springfielder's celebrate. When the task is complete, it moves down the task list. This time it didn't so when I select Make Springfielder's do an 8 hour task, they all celebrate instead of going off and doing their separate 8 hour tasks. Going through 100 plus characters and having them do a separate 8 hour task is time consuming. Can we get it fixed.
Also I would like to suggest that EA considering going to a task list instead of what we have now. This would open up more tasks for the secondary characters and still leave the event tasks for the main character. I envision a drop down of the tasks and we could pick as many character's as we want to do the task. Example - Ride the monorail, 4 hours and we could pick the characters, go out to eat at Krusty's 60 minutes, go bowling, etc. It would add a bit more interest to the game for me.


  • Willy9292
    1569 posts Member
    Same glitch as the other thread on it today. Someone is stuck in the building the task is set to. This happens from time to time. toring the building fixes it.
    See as its being showcased for EA to note, expect it to get fixed soon. Glitches should be seen but not written about.
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  • Muhsterino
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    It should disappear once you have finished the other part of that quest.
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    Task: Make Springfielders Celebrate, Time: 8h
    Task: Collect State Pasta [x350]
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