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What Changed with the Classless Reunion Updates? (3/26)

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March 26th Update (A Classless Reunion Patch 2)
  • Pride of Ulster Banner, Ghost Pirate Airship, Work from Home Station and Atomic Bomb can no longer obtainable in the Yearbook Mystery Box if already owned (for Atomic Bomb no matter if premium or not).
  • If Blackbeard is owned, but the Ghost Pirate Airship isn't, the game will now award the Ghost Pirate Airship.
  • Kodos' UFO no longer starts flying after tapping the Ray Gun.
  • Little Helper Ralph's Jam the Assembly Line and Get Wrapped Up can now be done at Brown House too.
March 14th Update (A Classless Reunion Patch 1)
  • Dates for the Golden Goose Realty in the event were removed.
  • The Yearbook Mystery Box's store icon had its end date removed, making it permanent, as there's no end date in the files.
March 12th Update (4.37.6; Classless Reunion)
  • Sir Putt-A-Lot's and Shotgun Pete's can be unlocked at any level during the event.
  • Lyne Lanley now disappears correctly on finishing the quest Same As It Ever Was.
  • A bug with Sky Finger Monument not working properly was fixed.
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