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What Have You Done With A Classless Reunion mini event...

Up and ready for your designs.
Nuking is always the answer


  • Set up this lot next to my high school. Gonna be putting most of the stuff here.

  • ... Oh. Guess this is it then. Okay.

  • Not really much in this event. :(
    Nuking is always the answer
  • Here's what I got. Very basic.

  • All I have done.
    Nuking is always the answer
  • expanded my carnival area with box and reunion items
    chili cook off tent, dance floor, photo booth, paralyzer, and maybe the blasting bass speaker(can’t remember if i got that with this event)
    fast2shadow2 in Crawl to the Finish
  • torin8337
    91 posts Member
    edited April 1
    Like @Blastboom and @Castiel19x, I put the reunion items (limo, dance floor and photo booth) with the high school and at the behind the reunion is a couples' corner. <3

    I haven't done anything with Artie's yacht yet but I might put it with the Elite Yacht Club with all the other yachts.


    Edit: fixed image to appear on post instead of just the link to image.
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