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Does refreshing the yearbook box.....

Hide those items forever?

I have several items that I don’t want but if I hit refresh are they gonzo forevs?


  • No theyll show up again, its just random so just keep refreshing till it shows up again.
  • annettemarc
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    No, the items keep appearing over and over, but in different rotations and you need to go through an entire cycle (i think) before seeing the item again. the clusters change around as well. (E.g., a scredn might have Ralph Christmas tree, Fiunzos, the leather plane, a building im not interested in, and the Pope. Say that out of THAT group all i REALLY want is the Pope. I'm lukewarm about the leather plane.) The next cycle, the Pope shows up with the Rad Station, which i really want.)

    Or Say that I also prefer to focus on getting characters.

    Other screens have other characters and items I also want, but many screens only have one item I really really really want. That would mean I MIGHT need to waste 4 tries on that screen, and get my pope on the 5th try. (He would thus cost me 150 donuts if im unlucky) Or I might get lucky and get him on the first try. (For 30 donuts.) The thing is, I'm guaranteed getting him in 5 tries (150 donuts) or less.

    The groupings change every time.

    So i keep refreshing and cycling through screens over and over and over and over and over until eventually the Pope is in a grouping with at least one other item I really want. Then I spend my donuts. So long as I remain on that screen, i can pick off those five items and the MAX number of donuts I'd spend to get my two beloved items will be 150 donuts. I have never yet needed to buy all 5 items to end up with the 2 I want. But I'd be willing to waste if I needed to and had the donuts.

    The trick is to be really patient. Once you refresh a screen, you are very very unlikely too see that SPECIFIC grouping of items again. Every item will keep showing up each complete cycle, in different combos. I KNOW the Pope will keep showing up so I wait until I'm satisfied. If I'm running out of donuts, i would keep persisting until I see THREE items that i want.

    And so forth.

    ( Yikes. I just re-read what i wrote. Did that make ANY sense to you?) (Because it makes my brain hurt.)
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  • Interesting to say the least, I'm trying to see if it has a pattern, so far most of my combinations have at least one Character/Skin.

    Got lucky and found a box where I wanted 4 out of 4 items.

    First pick?

    The one item I didn't care for.

    Still, this 100% guarantees that the next four will be items I want!

    (Curious to see what other Clash Event items return I joined after that event and u really want some of those items)
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