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Yearbook mb has become permanent?



  • annettemarc
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    Rusty25630 wrote: »
    EA just announced massive layoffs & restructuring.

    In marketing and publishing departments, and in operations. Organizational changes. Not layoffs in game development. Ramping up focus on game development. From the statement sent out by EA:

    ... we have made changes to our marketing and publishing organization, our operations teams, and we are ramping down our current presence in Japan and Russia as we focus on different ways to serve our players in those markets. In addition to organizational changes, we are deeply focused on increasing quality in our games and services. Great games will continue to be at the core of everything we do, and we are thinking differently about how to amaze and inspire our players.

    Doesn't sound to me Like games are at jeopardy. Just the opposite. External hyperlinks not allowed here, but statement is on EA website.
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  • elf Ralph is fixed..sort of 😂 no workshop where the task was 😂
    wasn’t around yesterday but i’m assuming it was the update but could’ve been my email that i never got a reply back from 😀

    fast2shadow2 in Crawl to the Finish
  • thanks, also realized the ray gun in both towns is fixed also 🙂
    but again, i’m just catching up from not being in the game yesterday and glad they fixed those glitches 😀
    thanks EA👍🏻
    fast2shadow2 in Crawl to the Finish
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