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Missing whale in Yearbook Box... Or am I crazy?

I swear I saw the whale yesterday in the Yearbook Box. I remember thinking "Cool! A whale for 30 Ds!!" I didn't get it as it was my first scroll through and now it's gone.
Anybody else have this happen or am I crazy? Maybe I dreamt it....


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  • I got the blue whale and the 3 eyed one.
  • AyraGray wrote: »
    I got the blue whale and the 3 eyed one.

    Do you remember which slot the blue whale was in? It was the 3rd or 4th in my game.
  • Sucks if you already have a whale it doesn’t appear
  • 4junk3000
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    I don't have a whale and I've only seen the 3eyed one. I'll keep looking too. Thx!
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  • I’ve got a whale in my SF and neither whale (normal nor 3-eyed) appeared in my YMB.
  • There is some kind of weird programing on the MB because i don't have duff gardens and it still hasnt showed up for me. It keeps cycling the same group of items till i buy something, then it adds new items that i don't have.
  • I got Duff Gardens. I’ve bought many, many things for 30 donuts. This is awesome!
  • I picked up both whales today

    Slot 1
  • It didn't show up for me....although, I already purchased one from the Vault a couple weeks ago.
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  • I noticed the whale and the three eyed whale when I was cycling through my box, I then bought Duff brewery with Duffman only to find out that he came in an even bigger bundle with Lady Duff and Mexican dude.... which I will let probably not be able to get now with he bundling issues...:confused:
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