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Otto's strange behaviour!

That would be a flashback form too much drugs during Woodstock, it was stored in his parents DNA


"Drugs are bad Oook"


  • GSFaerie
    290 posts Member
    edited July 2013
    Hi Guys,

    Not that its a problem but has anyone else had otto doing strange things. When i send him to fix the bus or sleep it off i get a pair of torso-less legs and otto now sleeps on a random carpark slab haha.
    I know this is a bug and have removed and reinstalled him but he nolonger returns to the rightfull place of his bus just next to it...Any Ideas???

    xoxo :lol:

    Have you tried rotating the bus? I found when it was facing one way it didn't look right (can't quite remember it now) so try rotating it, might need to store it first to release Otto from his current task.
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