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Yearbook disappearing items.

Has anybody else found that items in the yearbook have gone since the start. I have a few stonecutter skins in my game. The rest appeared in the yearbook at the start then vanished 2 days later. A couple of other items have vanished but not purchased.


  • Are you hitting the "refresh" button
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  • Have you tried nuking ?
    TOUK is the best also have you considered Nuking
  • Daved. Yes, I am hitting refresh button. I thought maybe that some items only came round every so often. I have written a list of what keeps appearing . I know the "gowns" were there, I had pondered getting them. The first few times the came up 5 were together on 1 line, then began to split up, then vanished. Castiel. Why would nuking make them appear? I have no reason to nuke, my town is how I like it. I was only asking if anybody had "lost" items in the yearbook.
  • iain51269522
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    Only Homer knows why nuking the town helps.

    In the meantime I will keep an eye out for stone cutter gowns I think I saw they before as well but not sure I've seen them in a while.
  • Just saw the Doc Hilbert stone cutter skin and so the gowns are still in there.

    Best to nuke though just incase.
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