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  • N05000_10.jpg

    Night Sketch of the Thames near Hungerford Bridge.
    George Price Boyce.
    Watercolour on paper.
  • SAAM-1965.16.25_2.jpg?itok=k4GdOhiV
    Flight of Night, Paul Manship, 1916, bronze, Smithsonian American Art Museum.

    From label:
    Paul Manship often used a flying figure to symbolize the passage of time. The woman in Flight of Night is probably Artemis, Greek goddess of the hunt and moon, who was chased from the sky every morning by her twin brother, Apollo.
  • 0ceb77107c544fdc1320f37ad7438314.jpg

    Apollo Attended by the Nymphs of Thetis.
    François Girardon.
  • WMR_RAA_PL000462.jpg
    Apollo and Daphne, Philip Conrad, c. 1925, oil on canvas, Royal Academy of Arts, London.
  • EDIT-Todd-D-Julia-Dalton-Headmistress.jpg

    Julia Dalton.
    Daphne Todd.
    Oil on 2 boards.

    Daphne Todd OBE (born 27 March 1947) is an English artist who was the first female President of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters from 1994–2000 and who won the BP Portrait Award 2010 with a painting of her 100-year-old mother's corpse.


    She studied at the Slade 1964-71. In 1983 she won 2nd prize in what is now the BP Portrait Award, and in 1984 a "special commendation". She was elected a member of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters in 1985. She became a Freeman of the City of London in 1997 and received an Hon. Doctorate of Arts from De Montfort University in 1998.

    In 1985 she won the Hunting Art Prize for oil painting with her picture "Four Spanish Chairs".


    In 2001 she won the Ondaatje Prize for Portraiture and the Gold Medal, and was appointed an OBE.


    I think she is rather wonderful.
  • pietro-testa-achilles-dragging-hectors-corpse-around-the-walls-of-troy.jpg
    Achilles Dragging Hector's Corpse around the Walls of Troy, Pierrot Testa, c. 1648-1650, etching, National Gallery of Victoria.
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  • Emmanuel_Benner-_The_Loss_of_Alsace_Lorraine%2C_1895.jpg
    The Loss of Alsace Lorraine, Emmanuel Benner, 1895, oil on canvas, private collection.
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    Ecce H0mo (Behold the Man), Elías García Martínez, 1930, fresco, Sanctuary of Mercy church, Borja, Spain.

    In 2012, Cecilia Giménez, an amateur art restorer, attempted the restoration of a fresco (see left image), but disastrously botched the job (see right). Ironically, Giménez‘s failure became so well known, it has led to something for a tourism boom for the small town of Borja.
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  • pollice_verso.jpg
    Pollice Verso (Thumbs Down), Jean-Léon Gérôme, 1872, oil on canvas, Phoenix Art Museum.
  • GettyImages-611230540-e1475162802461.jpg

    Really Good.
    David Shrigley.
    Fourth Plinth sculpture.
    September 29, 2016.
  • tree-roots-roger-lundskow.jpg

    Tree Roots.
    Roger Lundskow.
    Oil on canvas.
  • _DSC7221.jpg
    Humus, Giuseppe Licari, ceiling construction, trees’ roots, halogen lamps, at Secret Gardens, Tent Rotterdam 2012; in de Luwte van de Tussentijd, 35th Kunsten Festival Watou, Kunst vzw, Belgium 2015.
  • GM_Boy-Girl.300-900x1199.jpg

    Boy & Girl.
    Goshka Macuga.
    Tate Britain, 2007
  • Chadwick.TeddyBoyandGirl21957.jpg
    Teddy Boy and Girl II, Lynn Russell Chadwick, 1957, bronze, Ulrich Museum of Art, Wichita.
  • 15521_h960w1600gt.5.jpg

    Maquette III Jubilee III C24 S.
    Lynn Chadwick.
  • grazing-horses-iv-the-red-horses-1911.jpg
    Grazing Horses IV, Frank Marc, 1911, oil on canvas, Busch-Reisinger Museum.
  • T00226_10.jpg

    Study for Portrait of Van Gogh IV.
    Francis Bacon.
    Oil on canvas.

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