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I decided not to play A Classless Reunion and now I still have the game icon on my screen. It appears that I will never, ever get rid of it until I play the event. With the new event starting and the Simpsons are involved in it, I still won't get rid of it. When the new event is done and the characters are freed up and I go ahead and play A Classless Reunion, I can not play the monorail to get me donuts to purchase more items because the majority of characters used to play the monorail are the same in the event. My solution is to open up the tasks after the event is over to all the characters so that we can still earn donuts. The other solution is to have a option to play the event or not play it so that the tasks of the event don't continue to show up in the characters lists. Will it happen, I doubt it, but these are my thoughts.


  • Just complete the tasks... you can’t just leave something and expect it to just magically disappear
  • Incomplete tasks are eventually moved to the little storage box.
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