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Do you unlock Jasper when you finish Marge at the Bat Pt. 7

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Or just the skin -only if you have previously unlocked the character?


  • If you don't have Jasper, than the costume should stay in storage until you do.

    When you do get him, you'll need to then "consume" the costume to add it to Jasper's wardrobe as available skins.
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  • jgth24
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    Thanks @OhHappyJays... I was wondering since in the Classless Reunion Event you could unlock both teenager homer character and the skin
  • It'll be like Otto and his Arctic train skin, that was in my inventory for ages until I got Otto out of the YMB
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  • Where can I get Jasper?
  • jgth24
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    It's a premium character, you need to buy it with donuts. Or you can find it in the yearbook mystery box

    > @gotmyphilosophy said:
    > Where can I get Jasper?
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