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My First Billion!



  • daved7637397
    7234 posts Member
    edited April 2019
    Just reached the $1 billion mark today.

    Congrats! Don't spend it all at once!
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  • Don't have anywhere to spend it on! :disappointed:
  • boldbhoy
    277 posts Member
    Yay! Made the $1 billion club this morning. It’s been creeping towards it for a week but I finally got over the line with my overnight collection.
  • Don't have anywhere to spend it on! :disappointed:

    Yeah, that's me right now. When the Yearbook came along, I depleted my donut reserves and had to spend 100s of millions IGC on more donuts via RTTs.

    Since a) I now have a multiplier over 2600% and b) there's been so little to buy with donuts once I scarfed up everything in the Yearbook, my donut reserves have accumulated via standard XP collection. I've not had to RTT farm for a few months and I'm back up to about 4500 donuts.

    Which I'll gladly spend when EA gives me reason to do so!
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