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grouped counts as 1 item?

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On reddit there was a question about item limit, and someone over there mentioned that an area that is stored in then "group" storage and then placed back into the map counts as 1 item. I've grouped some stuff already, haven't played and really took advantage of it recently. But is this true or is this person an idiot? lol....Because it tells you how many items that are stored in that group, so I don't understand his logic about that. Has anyone noticed or payed attention to this feature when placing a group stored design? I think I did it once, I have a grouped design I could place right now thats over 200 items, and if memory serves me it wouldn't let me place it several months ago. Unless something has changed and it really does count as 1 now? lol....

Because if that was true how you could store several grouped areas....and place them and they counted as 1? We could destroy the item limit we've been complaining about for years.....
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Don't increase the Item Limit? Then I don't play. Period.


  • A while back I was two items short of the limit. I stored a bunch of torches in a group, bought an item to bring me to one below the limit, then placed the group. It let me do it, but I couldn’t then place any additional items.
  • 4junk3000
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    You can exceed the limit by using the group store to replace items. But you cannot add any more items until you remove enough to come below the limit again.

    We've discussed this here previously, when people have reported exceeding the limit in this manner.
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  • 1pillform
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    Oh okay thanks guys. :)
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    Don't increase the Item Limit? Then I don't play. Period.
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