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When is the next update for Simpsons Tapped Out?

All I've seen small updates but nothing huge like an event. Why is that?


  • Welcome to the Forums. @bradfordro :smile:
    Those are questions that only EA can answer. We'll just have to wait and see what they have planned.
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    There's a wonderful thread in "Gamediscussion" by willy9292. Maybe you want to post there.
  • 4junk3000
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    No one knows, Brad, but there's lots of speculation.

    What we do know, is there's been some biz reorg actions at the company. What we also know by experience, is there's some major issues lately with connectivity, as we are having a lot of crashes and sync failures. So it's very likely they are delaying release of new content while they address other critical business issues. I can imagine more than just one, fatalistic possibility for our current situation. So I'm ok with waiting it out. It IS just a game, right?

    Besides, they have given us a lot of new things that should be keeping us busy. I've been extremely busy, farming donuts, clearing the yearbook, acquiring new land, and grinding SH currencies while we were able to buy the tennis courts a few weeks ago. As much as I'd enjoy some new content, which would hush a lot of crybabies, i don't even need it. This game is easily occupying as much of my free time as ever. And my enthusiasm for playing is as high as it's ever been. I've tried to encourage people to view things positively, but they ganged up on me to defend their right to be negative. I don't know what's up with that.

    I can't wait to have enough land to really start my major redesigns. The majority of my fun is still ahead of me. =)
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