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Hey EA. TSTO matters to us your customers - Thanks for the info!

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EA. We know you look and lurk here. What you don't do well as a corporate citizen is communicate.
It's no secret to us that for some reason you have put this game on pause. No, giving us a bunch of old stuff is a bonus, an appreciated bonus, but it's not support.
You have your corporate bottom line to watch, and new bosses to please.
We got you here. All of us who paid real dollars to buy all those donuts you like to brag about.
You don't owe us. We bought with no guarantees. BUT....
Successful corporations take their nose out of the bottom line occasionally to make sure they still have loyal customers. It's good business.
We are not mushrooms, and if you don't get that Google it.
This post is to tell you something. You have a loyal base of users of this game. Hopefully they will add their voices to mine.
Tell us what you are doing. Give us fewer events if that is what you need to do. But you are not the only game in town. How many TSTO diehards are you burning.
Again. You don't owe us. But you are making a huge corporate statement, as are the new owners. The marketplace has a long memory.
Communication. It's free. It works. Ask any one of the millions of small business owners worldwide. First and foremost your customers want to be treated like they matter. They repay that in brand loyalty.
We want this game to be supported, just like all those people who wanted the original Star Trek supported when its owners thought it was going no where.
We matter

Forum members. Please add your voice here.

Updated to reflect new info on update to be released on May 14th.
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  • Yeah I would like to continue to play. With the last update I did get the grandpa simpsons bull running skin. I'm part of the base that would continue to play, probably even purchasing the $10 "exclusives". The game is a perfect reflection of the series. The simpsons has been a part of my whole life. I was born in 90. I enjoy the stories we get.
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  • :+1: Well thought-out and clearly expressed post. @Willy9292
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  • Hey, EA. Knock off the cold shoulder. If the people you have are out of ideas, don’t scrap the game, scrap the people. These forums are jammed with people who have great ideas for this game.

    If being silent is your idea of euthanizing the game, hoping we’ll lose interest, you couldn’t be more wrong. People are invested in this game. If you’re done with it then sell it to a company who will pump new life into it.

    We want this game to continue living. Make it happen and you have customers for life.
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  • I haven’t posted in a long time but I feel like I should add my voice here. This game is really the only game I’ve continually played on a mobile device this long (since the year it launched, roughly).
    I certainly appreciate the really generous mystery box for old premium items, but knowing if this game will continue or not or what’s going on in general would be nice. I get that having a major event after a major event can get complicated and expensive, especially when returns may not be what they once were, but some acknowledgment would be nice.
    There are still lots of dedicated fans and plenty of fans who sunk hard earned money into the game. I really hope this is just a prolonged break until things get sorted at EA, rather than the end of the game altogether. It would be sad to see it go.
    I don’t say this out of entitlement because no one owes us anything. I do, however say this from a costumer service standpoint.
    Anyways, hope all is well with everyone on the forum and the people who made this game possible in the development team.
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  • Thank you for this thread!

    I'm not even two years into this game. I want it to continue FOREVER (unrealistic, but still).

    New players are still finding this game. I've turned two people onto it, myself.
    It's addictive and hilarious, and I just love the franchise.
    There are still so many things that could be added to the game. (I'm still hoping for Dan Castellaneta.)

    I love the new mystery box. I also hope we get the rest of the past items (like kang/kodos (whichever one is missing from the box), and Alaska Nabraska, which I just barely missed in that event).

    Personally, I really want the Eliminator!

    Anyway, I'm still hopeful we'll get something soon, but a little reassurance would certainly help, especially for those who are less likely to buy donuts without knowing what's going on (yes, I mean me).
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    Dear EA. You have a Facebook page. Here's an idea. Log in there and post something letting us know what's going on. (There's a little box that says "what's on your mind?". Just type in there. )
    If you're too busy or confused to figure out what to type in the box, feel free to copy/paste any one of the following:

    1. Dear TSTO players: We're working on it. Hang in there. Thank you for your patience.
    2. Dear TSTO players: We're working on it. Give us a [feel free to insert very bad word here] break.
    3. Dear TSTO players: We had an awesome Easter event ready several months ago that's not just a series of mini-events with a bunch of four-hour tasks which we know you're really tired of but then last month our CEO Andrew decided he wanted his nine-year-old nephew Bradley to re-live the joy of our past Easter events and we tried to warn him about 2014 but Andrew who obviously never played that one or maybe blocked it out of his memory said that we can't release the new Easter event yet because he wants Bradley to play ALL of them so he (Bradley) can be successful so he (Bradley) doesn't go the rest of his life feeling like a loser and we're still waiting for Bradley to get past the 2014 one but of course it's taking a while because of course he still needs his Faberge egg so he can win that priest guy but at least he finally got Shari Bobbins which is a good thing because the other day Andrew started screaming "If I ever find out who the [insert bad word here] came up with this wheel idea and these [insert very bad word here, but add an" ing "] colored boxes, I'm going to come after him with a machete" and then Jim got ticked off because what the [insert bad word of your choice] makes Andrew just assume that it was a "him" and not a "her" because Jim thinks that well let's just face it what normal male would even know what the [insert bad word of your choice ] "Faberge" IS and so that really sort of [insert mildly bad word here] off Fred who apparently DOES know what "Faberge" is and meanwhile Helen and Maxine the team Grammar Police are arguing over whether Andrew should have used "who" or "whom" and the rest of us figure this might take a while so we decided that the best solution was to kill the servers for a while so you guys would think it's a technical problem instead of blaming Bradley who's only nine. Thank you for your patience.
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  • bluntcard
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    It’s really just a matter of being rude. People have supported this game with their money. They could have spent it elsewhere. And they just can’t be bothered. It’s just not nice.
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  • I have played for years and want to continue playing for many more. I know many more people who feel the same. Don't quit on us die hards now.
  • niahunt
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    The lack of response here or anywhere else just shows the utter disrespect shown to the player base.
    If TSTO is just on hiatus & normal service will resume in a while then TELL US,so we don’t have dozens of threads on the same subject.
    If the game is winding down & eventually be deleted TELL US - it’s the polite thing to do rather than just ignore the question completely.
  • Castiel_Touk
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    Showing some support would be great to see and needs to be more often and not once in a blue moon.
    Here have a banana!!
  • This thread needs to be either pinned at the top or bumped at least once an hour every single day until we get a response. I agree with everyone that says the silence is just disrespectful to us customers. Yes, EA owes us nothing but would a few words of explanation really be that much effort? Seriously poor business practice if so.
  • Dear EA:
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  • Is anyone here surprised that EA doesn't treat their customers good?! I mean this is the same company that is voted the worst company on earth year after year. That being said I would love the game to continue I've been playing since 2013 but i have a bad feeling the way its been going.
  • Good or bad, all we want is information.
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    EA/Disney are behaving like most big tech companies do these days (Apple, Google, Twitter, Amazon, etc.). They’re secretive, non-communicative and do whatever they can to keep customers in the dark about what they’re doing. It’s the norm these days, nothing unusual. I guess that’s their way of trying to keep all the power in the relationship with their customers. So if it IS ending, I don’t expect them to tip us off until they absolutely need to, at the last moment.
  • RHickok
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    I really wish they would just say something. I want to buy some donuts to use on the yearbook mystery box but I’m holding off until they let us know what’s going on. I don’t want to waste my money if the game is going away.
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    Perhaps we should address their Facebook page, where we've actually seen communication from them. The only thing I've seen posted here is announcements from @Aeternus_EA .

    It would be an indicator of respect if someone clued us in.
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  • after 7 years daily playing
    after al lot of "investment" done
    after a lot of palpitations on your several bugs
    after a ton of "sorry the server is down!"
    after spending time, a lot of time, with your useless Italian call center
    after a lot of recruiting in your behalf
    I've the impression you are paying us, your loyal customer, with zero communication, a lack of ideas , maximizing you profit for your best quarter ever.
    please, keep it up!
    I assure you, NO MORE PENNY for you, even if you create the best game in the world!

    if you respect our loyalty you'll have money as logical consequence!

    ...waiting news....we deserve big news

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