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Hey EA. TSTO matters to us your customers - Thanks for the info!


  • RobbieGlover2K
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    edited May 2019
    Hey all, I'm also a Tapped Out player since around 2013/2014 or something playing this daily ever since however I did come to the forum to see if there was anything about this as I've also noticed there's been no new updates in ages and just been doing the regular tasks that go round on the game in general.

    I'm probably going to be in the minority here and it might be quite an unpopular answer but as much as I love the game also and it's become my daily routine part of me feels like if this game is over then it could actually be a good thing. The reason I say this is because when EA took the rights to The Simpsons games I remember seeing a few videos where they were promising us lots of new Simpsons games to come (alongside Tapped Out) such as some new console games etc... too and they promised us this yet we saw nothing, which as much as I do love Tapped Out, having just a phone game on The Simpsons seemed very lazy to me, like they couldn't be bothered all of a sudden investing into doing more and that did quite annoy me, specially considering a lot of people would love a new game on the new gen consoles too.

    My guess is this Disney takeover has played a part. I do feel the Disney takeover is a good thing as Fox also have been lazy and pretty bad with The Simpsons too, specially to international fans where barely anything is available and of course fans in the US and internationally with the lack of DVD releases, it just seems to me the whole Fox and EA thing have just been very lazy and only kept up with Tapped Out because it's easy and they were obviously making money with it to the point where they didn't want to do all the things they promised with new games and lots of plans when they got the rights, I'm not sure how long those rights were (maybe they need renewing too) but they never delievered so if this game has come to an end and the whole EA thing then honestly, I think it's a good thing as it opens the doors to much better things with the franchise and I do believe Disney support their franchises very well (look at the Star Wars franchise for example).

    Will I miss Tapped Out, absolutely but all good things come to an end and if it has well, it's time to move on and bring us something new which we can all like and be excited about, just how we got into Tapped Out we will with other things also.

    The money spent and donuts thing, I absolutely agree with and understand completely however this is the way the gaming industry is now, if a game goes off PSN store for example or servers no longer supported it happens all the time, not the greatest thing I know but that's what comes with gaming now and I completely understand people's frustration and being annoyed with this but it's how it is.

    Although saying that I could be saying this and it's just on hold for a while for some reason until they do come back to it (I don't buy all those support chat things as they tell you anything and don't know what they're on about half the time) but after reading through this I just felt like you know what, if it's over then great cause it will open doors, I will miss it but I'm also quite excited to see what they might do once the franchise is free and away from EA, who clearly haven't supported the franchise as much as they said they would when they first took it on or extended their contracts.

    You don't have to agree of course but just thought it would be nice to put a different spin on it and see what you guys think, I honestly feel it's a good thing (and believe me I love the game too but looking at it in the bigger picture, I think it is great if so).

    However either way, EA not letting people know what's going on I 100% agree with isn't great but it's not surprising as it seems like most companies are like this now, communication has got worse over the years (not better) with the majority of companies now, give and take a few good ones (which now feel like a breath of fresh air to have good customer service).

    Just my feelings on it anyway so no right or wrong and I do completely understand people's frustration and upset over this but it just doesn't surprise me.

    Hope we can get it all sorted either way :smile:

  • jompsis
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    Completely agree with the beginner of this thread. I've been playing since 2012, and this is the only game that I've been actively playing for this long. I feel bad if the game ends here, but I'd really like to have the info.
  • P-dont
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  • BUMP ! ! !
  • For over 5 years, TSTO has been the only game I’ve played consistently & with great anticipation of each new level or event. Quite simply, the best. But maybe it’s time to end it, for a variety of reasons. If so, the optimist in me hopes there will eventually be a TSTO 2.0, with improvements many of us had always hoped for but never got in this game. Some examples:

    1) Night mode
    2) Buildings scaled properly
    3) Rotation in 4 directions for each item rather than just 2 directions
    4) Vehicles on roads
    5) Easy to use inventory

    There are of course more, but these are probably top of my list of things that could have taken an already excellent game to the next level. Oh well.
  • There have been no posts from TSTO to their Facebook page since 20th April.. I think the writing is on the wall for this game. I just wish they’d say something and let us know one way or the other, that would be the respectful thing to do.

    That's the one sign that doesn't worry me. EA's FB updates are pitiful and never timely, even in the best of times.
  • Willy9292
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    Unsolicited friends requests are all denied.Please PM me.
  • Zifff09
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  • 11EEvey
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    Please add you Me Too on this thread at EA Answers
  • Has anyone tried chatting with them to see if anyone's home?
  • 1MikeyM
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    Has anyone tried chatting with them to see if anyone's home?

    This is one of their homes
    Unfortunately they seem very shy
  • Castiel_Touk
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    edited May 2019
    Has anyone tried chatting with them to see if anyone's home?

    EA is not really the chatting type.
    Often hiding, annoying and throwing pancakes at tapped-out.co.uk
  • tenor.gif?itemid=8933967
  • 1MikeyM
    478 posts Member
    Please be an update this week
    Any longer and I might have to consider doing neighbour visits
  • Simpsplay
    67 posts Member
    Still waiting and wishing and hoping...
  • cjryder625
    1426 posts Member
    I'm not even bothering to save any donuts at the moment. Spending them all on trying to complete the yearbook. Should be done in a few days at this rate.
    I love my computer...all my friends live in it
  • Doughal
    207 posts Member
    edited May 2019
    Big thanks to @Willy9292 for this thread. I have been playing for six years and I have spent some cash on Donuts. Logging into the game is starting to become a chore rather than the necessity it used to be.
    Just a t!t-bit from EA would do. Something like: "Tappers, don't worry, things are fine. We are working on new content".
  • BUMP !!!
  • We are here, an update is all we ask.

    Sounds like a security update on 5/8?

    Most of us would purchase premium game updates, like... Night time mode, full town character collection, ability to place cars on the road, building 4 side skins (nice to see back of houses for full visual impact), ability to character for animated task to area tapped ( I choose house, or business or bench of placement
  • Simpsplay
    67 posts Member
    giftlr412 wrote: »
    Sounds like a security update on 5/8?

    Not sure. There was a security-update on the 8th May 2018. This seems to be confused with the date of tomorrow.
    Nevertheless still hoping for an update tomorrow or so...
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