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A New Game Engine Would Be Welcome

Years ago (and I can't believe I'm starting with that phrase) TSTO required an iPhone upgrade to the iPhone 4. That made me do the upgrade. When I thought TSTO would run even better, I upgraded to the iPhone 10 (skipped from 6 to 10).

For years I've been at or near the absolute items limit. I'm closing in again now, trying to resist the urge to place trees and lampposts.

I always get animation and redraw issues like bonfires and flags sputtering static flashes of other sprites from the game.

EA - Don't you think it's time to release another version that drops support for older phones like the 6 and 7? Most current players have phones that are much faster and larger RAMs than they did in 2012.
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  • The games on its last legs as it is, do you really think they would release another version?
  • Somewhat elitist
  • annettemarc
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    That might prove to be a very poor business model, orion. Those of us who have maxed out on items, etc would be the ones most likely to be able to farm bonuts and EA ain't gonna be makin' no more money from us from here on out.

    Contrast this with players with older devices. They are much more likely to be unable to make a significant purchase of a new device. (yeah, for a lot of people, I think even a few hundred dollars is a significant amount.) But coming up with $10 now and then to buy some donuts doesn't feel like a big deal to them.

    And think of EA's perspective. If these people DO decide to save up to buy that new device, they're not giving those $10 profits to EA. Every Single Dollar that they give to Samsung or Apple for that new device is a dollar that is not going into EA's pocket.

    So those of us that are no longer a source of profit to EA will be choosing to keep playing or stop playing. Financially, we no longer matter to them.

    That's purely my opinion. :)
  • aabcampos
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    Yes. Soon we will have a new game engine, with new theme, new name and based on a new pop franchise. Maybe star wars.
  • This is the fundamental problem with mobile games, there is such a wide range of phones that the games have to become severely limited to fit the lowest specs. People with newer phones will suffer because developers are limited in what they can realistically program that won't break 5+ year old technology.

    I am a software developer, and it kills me that I have to support older technologies and software (looking at you Internet Explorer).

    Either way, it's clear Tapped Out is running out of steam now, so extremely doubtful EA is going to invest any serious money into the game.
  • 1pillform
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    Nobody cares about Apple products that screw up on a daily basis, especially EA. They could give a damn
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  • toddestan
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    Forget about the iPhone, EA desperately needs to update the engine on Android where most of their players are.
  • I think at this stage EA just needs to look at some of the other feeds and respond to them!
  • Then the people who have been playing from the beginning and have less money than others may struggle to continue playing. Wouldn't seem very fair.
  • AJtheboss1
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    They should have made this game cross platform and included a PC version with special PC features. Honestly, this game overall would have been better on a proper computer as a city simulator game similar to Sim City or Trapico but themed as a Simpsons game. Unfortunately, that’s just a pipe dream. Developers are too attached to mobile games and their micro transactions (which in my humble opinions has killed gaming in general). EA in general is notorious in that regard.
    The only game developers who still have dignity are far and few between. Naughty Dog, CD Project Red and Santa Monica Studio would do a game like that justice if they made games like that. One can dream though, right?
    But with all that said, EA wasn’t terrible with the way they handled this game. At least they made it possible to get premium currency if you couldn’t afford to spend hundreds on the game. Although, I’m pretty sure they did that to entice new players to continue playing when they realized the sheer amount of premiums items they’d need to buy to catch up.
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