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Game crashes and wont play on Samsung s10

Unable to play the game at all,brand new phone and it gets to about 25% downloading and crashes. The ea held desk says they cant help and to post on the forum as that's the only way the dev team sees these errors, and what's more, they want my post to have more ppl with the same problem.

I am really annoyed at lack of customer support and I cant play the game at all.

I even did a factory reset and still no luck.


  • This is where it crashes at
  • Yeah, they just don't seem to care
  • I have this issue also on my X10+. Had it since yesterday when an OS update came out for wifi stability and camera performance.
  • Lysan24
    5 posts New member
    Same thing here, since the last software update of my S10 yesterday, it keeps crashing at the loading screen.
    Reinstalling doesn't help as it crashes at 29.5MB as well.
  • Might be a case of waiting for the next os update. Can the bug be reported to android perhapes it causes issues with other apps?
  • Same problem on my S10 since yesterday. Had the OS as well.
  • marko2008
    12 posts Member
    All my other apps are fine and I can access them all, except this game.
  • marko2008
    12 posts Member
    The more people comment here about this issue, the better chance the dev team will see this and fix it..
    Come on everyone, if this is happening to you, please reply.
  • iain51269522
    788 posts Member
    edited May 2019
    I sent feed back to Google and quoted the update version numbers.

    Normally the Android O/S updates go to the new phones first and then filter down. So the problem could spread to other Android users.
  • Same problem!
  • jennatadj
    3 posts New member
    Come on dev team. Please fix this issue. My husband hasn't been able to play for weeks on his Samsung s10+. Gamesflea9090
  • dianaredje26
    1 posts New member
    Hi, I've just got an s10 and got same problem, it was fine when I first installed the game but after last update it keeps crashing, can't even get past load screen. Really annoyed as been playing it for about 4 years and at a high level. I've done all the usual things ea advice, uninstall, restart phone, restart wifi but nothing works. It's been over a week now and getting really cheesed off!
  • Game wont work on my S10+, was working till a week ago. Starts an update, gets to 29.5% then boots me out. Does anybody know how to rectify this. I've tried everything to no avail. Well annoyed doesn't even spring to mind
  • I don't think a game update is going to fix this I think it will need to be an android update.

    That's why I sent of a crash report, hope others have done the same?
  • If it was an android issue then surely other phones would have the same.problem and not just Samsung s10s

    Its definitely an.ea problem and they need to start talking to their paying customers and loyal ones.
  • Same issue on my S10 plus after the OS update..crash at the 17/699 update progress..hope a solution come out soon...in the mean time will continue playing on my tab s2.
  • Muhsterino
    4499 posts Member
    edited May 2019
    Hi everyone, the community manager on Answers HQ has posted the following:
    Hi everyone, thanks for your reports!

    We are investigating this, and it would be very helpful if you could share some information with us. Would it be possible for you to let us know your:

    Device Model Number (can be found in Settings > About phone)
    Android Version Number (you can take a screenshot of the information in Settings > About phone > Software)
    Location in the world (your country)
    Network provider
    Last date you updated your OS (Android) for your device
    Thanks again,

    Please add to the thread, link shown below.
    Answers HQ Hero HELP THREADS
  • Muhsterino
    4499 posts Member
    Further to my post above, EA Mai has asked if players can provide more information - this post was added in the discussion in the above link:
    Hi everyone,

    The team is still looking into this, and I'm here with another question from them: could you let us know if you have opted into Samsung's One UI Beta Programme?

    While your version of Android would still be 9 even if you joined this programme, this changes the way your mobile phone works and can cause the crashes you are experiencing.

    If you haven't opted into this programme, please, let us know.

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