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Game crashes and wont play on Samsung s10



  • I havent opted Into this program and still getting the crashes and game stuck at 17/
  • This Beta program sounds as if it was offered to people with tye S9 in January. Don't think you would enter it without knowing. I am sure I haven't.

    The problem started after an update to the full android version as far as I am aware and this is what they need to look at.
  • I'm also experiencing this problem.

    TSTO worked the first day I had my new phone, then I installed the latest update and it started crashing.

    I have not signed up for the UI beta testing.

    I'm really sad that I might have to dig out and 5 year old Kindle just to play and finish the latest mini event!
  • I havent been able to play for over a month and EA are dragging their feet in fixing this issue.

    I've been playing over 5 years and now nothing.
  • There was a new android update today for wifi and camera like the last one.

    Installed it and tried tapped out it was still exactly the same.
  • nookas2010
    1 posts New member
    I too am still stuck with the update at 29.5mb then crashes. So frustrating. Any updates?
  • Seems like a S10 issue that is not only affecting Tapped Out. Had a text from my bank about their app not working properly on the S10 for some people.
  • Same here , samsung Galaxy s10e keep crashing at 29,5 :(
  • v4valega
    1 posts New member
    Having the same issues as everyone else on the S10e. Really sad as it looks like a new big event is starting today and won't be able to play :( :( :(
  • MN13nomad
    1 posts New member
    I guess it's a samsung issue. I have s10 as well and have not been able to play ever since I got mine on May 1st. I highly doubt Samsung acknowledges current issue. Something must have affected the codes.
  • Come on, were missing important game updates and no word from ea at all.

    I've spent so much money on this game and time, now I cant even play it, it's been over 2 months. We deserve to know what is going on.
  • Has everybody raised a ticket with EA?
  • Yeah and got told they can't do anything and to write in these forums as the dev team take more notice here absolute joke ea is
  • neaves78
    2 posts New member
    anybody else on S10 plus having problems logging on to game. EA have said they havent got the latest update to connect to the new android update and there not sure how long it will take to fix
  • neaves78
    2 posts New member
    [quote="iain51269522;c-2072722"]Has everybody raised a ticket with EA?[/quote]

    I have been told they know about the problem and there not sure how long it will take to fix. turned round and told me to play on another device if it bothers me that much.
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