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Game crashes and wont play on Samsung s10


  • whatever samsung did is apparently now affecting other phones. the most recent patch for my J7 device has been on the 26th of June, and it has caused exactly the same crash at 17/709 updates. and there's no new patch available :(
  • No response from EA at all, terrible customer service. Been playing so many years and also play other EA games, no more, I wont buy another EA product again as they are so far behind the competition.
  • S10+ updated last night. Game works now.
  • J7 didn't. gotta be samsung's way to hint at the "cash in your device for 1/10 of the new flagship's cost" program ;)
  • Still no update for the s10 here in the UK :(
  • neaves78
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    edited July 2019
    still no update for me ethier and I would.love to know what ea are going to do for those who have lost out on the latest round of the game. EA get your act together and get this sorted in the UK.
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  • S10e updated but nothing changed .... still not working :( !
  • Fritzamborg
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    I acquired my s10 a week ago and I was playing without problems but 3 days ago I started with the same problem, the game closes after a few seconds, I can only play in the s8.... help
  • Now working on my S10+ after a software update this morning.
  • beppone1967
    1 posts New member
    hi, I also have the same problem, I play daily for 4 years at high levels. on June 28th my smartphone Samsung J7 has updated the Android 9 operating system (Pie) and since then the The Simpson Tapped Out app is no longer working. I made several attempts, I uninstalled and installed again, but when it reaches 25 mb of data it closes unexpectedly. I think it depends on the inability of the new Android operating system, what should you do to solve the problem? Or is it the right time I stop playing?
  • hello beppone1967.
    as has been pointed out from system protocols on the EA answers HQ, this is a null pointer error in the game's code. the J7 line was OK until the late June update, as I've posted last page here. the issue is global and affects various android devices of various manufacturers. all affected devices show up the crash at 17/xxx updates (the xxx number is language-dependent, usually around 700) and at 24.8mb (also maybe a few kb more or less, depending on language).
    since EA hasn't been able to fix their own game, samsung has started dropping hotfixes on the S10 models (flagship, duh), which are slowly being applied to different countries. sadly, there hasn't been any response to J7 owners, nor to any other device families, for that matter.
  • neaves78
    4 posts New member
    finally back on today. But my question is what is EA going to do for those who have missed out on weeks of this update. it's only fair they extend it for the time the issue was around. please respond ea and not just ignore your gamers
  • I have a S10+. I have been able to play Simpsons without problem until yesterday. A new system update was installed and afterwards Simpsons crashes on start. I uninstalled and reinstalled. Simpsons crashes on downloading of update at 17. I factory reset my phone and Simpsons still crashes. How do I get Simpsons to work again?
  • you don't. EA has washed their hands off any responsibility in spite of the clusterfluffle being their fault due to a null pointer error in the game's code. hence uninstalling / reinstalling does nothing until somebody at EA recognizes the clusterfluffle (when pigs fly, given their responses until now). a factory reset resets the phone to the most current OS update, which in this case is the problem, not the solution. if you want to vent a bit, call / message EA, e.g. on facebook, you may even get a few donuts in compensation. technically you are among the lucky ones - the android 9.0 went live about a month ago for some S10 owners, so their game died then. the 9.0 also took a few other devices out: at least samsung's J7 line and poco f1 were mentioned in various threads.

    Samsunghas invested time and people and developed a hotfix, which is sensible customer support, as they definitely don't want you to return the device and buy another from another manufacturer. that hotfix is currently slowly rolling out. some S10 owners have received it already and reported that TSTO is up again for them (give or take new screen zoom bugs). but the timeline is apparently staggered by countries and languages. given how late you were with the original - bad for TSTO - Android update, you have a fair chance to be equally late with the hotfix.
  • I have a S10+. I have been able to play Simpsons without problem until yesterday. A new system update was installed and afterwards Simpsons crashes on start. I uninstalled and reinstalled. Simpsons crashes on downloading of update at 17. I factory reset my phone and Simpsons still crashes. How do I get Simpsons to work again?
  • dagreatone13
    1 posts New member
    I have the same issue with J7 crashes while loading. Have tried a system update but latest update for J7 victim of the June 1st update this morning. Hopefully Samsung will issue a fix for this soon....
  • Bwattzz
    1 posts New member
    Same issue since I did the OS update on my Samsung S10 yesterday. Game will not load. Uninstalled the program, and now can't re-install it. It crashes and disappears while downloading the game's install/update files.
  • I've got years of gameplay and $$$ invested in this game and now I cant play it! Someone needs to fix this.
  • Verizon just broke the game on the Galaxy S10 after forcing a software update.

    phone: Galaxy S10 ( SM-G973)

    Hardware version: Rev1.0

    update: G973USQU2ASF6

    region: San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

    I was unable to open the game after the update. It would start to load and then crash never getting out of the title screen. I then uninstalled the game hoping that if I reinstalled it I'd get an updated version but now the game crashes when it tries to download the updates.

    I was almost done with the mini event....looks like I won't be finishing this one.

    Thanks Verizon/Samsung. Thanks a lot.
  • in case you missed the previous pages, it's neither your provider's nor Samsung's fault. the null pointer error has been in the game's code. apparently most other game developers use the things known as "patches" to remove such errors, but EA games apparently decided that as long as nobody calls on that particular pointer, there's no need. well, surprise, surprise, a major version update of the android OS happened to make the game need that particular pointer for something on some phones. so whoops - the S10 line, the J7 line and a random spread of other phones kiss the game goodbye when Android 9 rolls in. according to the answers HQ, samsung picked up the slack and is rolling out a patch / hotfix, but given how slow the original android 9 rollout was, the hotfix may take a while
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