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Lost item and Donuts

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Just re-entered my game. And I had bought a 30 donuts, yearbook mystery box, and received the Ye Olde Off-ramp inn.

When I re-entered the game. The Inn and the donuts had disappeared.

I didn't get any notification regarding a crash or bug.
But recently it seems every time I log in it says, something went wrong, and when I press retry it seems to always work.

Thank you,


  • Is it in your inventory?
  • zbiggie229
    1 posts New member
    First place I checked. It wasn't there. It's back in the yearbook mystery box.
  • EllieGuseman
    1576 posts Member
    Rats. You should contact EA then.
    Here are some tips for contacting EA.
    1. Try to get a call or a live chat, between 8am and 4pm Central time Monday-Friday in the US.
    2. Explain your problem and all the steps you have already done.
    3. Be polite but firm that only EA can fix your problem.
    4. If you have bought donuts in the past, tell them how much money you have spent in the game.
    5. If the csr refuses to help you, just hang up.
    6. Request another ticket and call back.
    7. Repeat until you get someone who can help you.
    8. You will have to be persistent. First level support outside the US really can't help you with this type of problem. You need someone in the US or possibly Ireland, to fix your game.
    9. Good luck.
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