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Trees Galore!

Finally got all the land thats available to the right of the beach. I've been expanding my current designs and realize I have a lot of extra space! I'm finally able to place as many trees down to make my town look green again!


  • Too many trees may push you over the item limit!
  • 4junk3000
    5740 posts Member
    I prefer a green town too. Unfortunately i can see I'll never be able to put down as many trees as I'd like. I'm at the limit and still adding new land. It would be nice if our limit increased automatically with each new land square added.
  • Willy9292
    1690 posts Member
    I have a fair bit of empty land so I decided to put filler spots in, and trees are one of my favourite items, even when burning.
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  • orionsbell
    478 posts Member
    edited May 2019
    I'm still redesigning since I blew up my town a few years back the day before the original Monorail event! I'm close to maxed out as well and I'm now working without soft landscaping. Bummer!
    BTW: My Springfield circa Winter 2014: orionsbell.com/simpsons/Winter2014.png
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