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What is still original in your town?



  • simpsonare
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    Willy9292 wrote: »
    We have seen the amount of land greatly expand, and the yearbook boxes have allowed us to get tons of new - old content. What parts of your town are still original, from say pre level 60 game days.

    For myself about the only thing I have not moved is the Simpson's house, my first Kwik-E-Mart and the Squidport entrance. . Pretty well everything else I have moved.

    My Springfield park has always sort of remained the same.
  • ramrod130
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    edited May 2019
    ramrod130 wrote: »
    My hospital and original prison. I remember when the edge of my town was the prison..


    The good ole days. I used to have parking meters, stop signs, and lampposts everywhere. But then I had to remove them because of the item limits. There’s so much I could do if there were no limits anymore.

    I have cut way back on my parking spaces, but every one still has a parking meter! No free parking in my Springfield :D

    I use to have a phone booth and news paper stand at most every corner. That has stopped, but I still like to sprinkle them in..
  • Loanet
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    I think everything got moved at some point.
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