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Should I use real money?

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So,like most players I've been playing tapped out for a few years and now since EA hasn't updated tapped out for a while. I'm bored and kinda cruising through tasks that I used to struggle with and now waiting for new quests or trying to save 30donuts for the year book.

my question is,is it worth spending real money to get more donuts which would lead to more characters and quests etc or should I just wait until EA knows what their doing before wasting real money on a game?

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  • Many people are predicting the end of the game at the moment or, at least, the end of the game as we know it (updates, events, new content etc).

    I'm dubious as to whether the game has finished being updated but the silence from EA is quite deafening at the moment.

    But the upshot is, if you're happy to spend money on the game on the things you need, it's totally up to you. If the game has effectively ended but they let us play on with no more updates, you'll be able to get everything you need anyway without spending any cash. So it depends on whether you want things now or are prepared to wait.
  • No, you should not spend real money on this game, especially not in its current state where it keeps crashing. You can get a lot of entertainment out of this game without spending any real money.
  • Deadshot_DCU
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    No, you should not spend real money on this game, especially not in its current state where it keeps crashing. You can get a lot of entertainment out of this game without spending any real money.

    Not everyone has crashing issues. I for one, haven’t encountered these constant crashing problems.
  • 4junk3000
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    This question is like asking if i should spend money on a beer since the bar is going to close in an hour. I've never seen people skip "last call" because the bar was about to close. The scene is usually quite to the contrary.

    The purpose of the game is to have fun. If you'll have more fun by spending $10 today, feel free to spend without any guilt or remorse.

    This game is not an adversarial relationship between players and EA. It might seem that way when you hear enough whiners complaining here, as if something more is owed to us beyond simple fun of playing a game to pass your free time. That's what this is. It's not a job. It's simple entertainment. The attitude of entitlement runs deep among some people here; as if EA has to meet some ever-elevating platitude to entertain us. This is absurd.
    There's no reason for you to jump on that bandwagon, unless you prefer being unhappy. I know i don't.

    Keep calm and tap on. Spend if you like. Nothing has changed, except the tone of the gossip, which seems based solely on expectations of the impatient not being met.

    I'm still tapping daily, still having fun daily. Why shouldn't you?
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  • OhHappyJays
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    Right now, with the game in this state of limbo, I would not spend any money on this game.

    However, this can change on a dime if game devs decide to drop an update in the App Store.

    Just hold off right now.
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  • aabcampos
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    Yes. You should spend money.
  • annettemarc
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    If I decided it would be fun to go see a movie tonight, I'd be spending money even though I knew that once the movie ended I would have nothing remaining of value. I paid for 2 hours of entertainment.

    If, on the other hand, I spent that same money on this game, I'd have the entertainment for a lot longer than 2 hours. If the game was to suddenly vanish next week, I would have bought a week of entertainment - - not just 2 short hours. And I think this game is going to exist for a long time. (whether or not there will be any new upgrades, there's a lot to enjoy)

    If you have the money to spend on entertainment, this game is IMHO the best place to spend it. :)
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  • mallratcal
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    Or... you could send your money to me and then I could spend it!
  • 1MikeyM
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    I've spent money on this game in the past and would possibly in the future.
    Would I spend money on it at the moment? No. It's broken.
    It's like buying a car that looks fantastic but only runs for a mile and then cuts out.
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