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Ways to Keep Playing

While we ponder the fate of the game, here's a starter list of things you can do to keep playing, and hopefully enjoying, the game. While there are lots of long time, high level players here who might have done all this, I bet there's plenty who haven't, so here goes:
  • Design! (obviously). This can range from cleaning up a messy town to a total nuke and rebuild. You can also do things you've been meaning to for awhile, such as moving everything over that one square to fix your monorail, or finally make it work throughout your whole town after years of faithfully playing the railyard. Are you donut rich now? Maybe swap out some cheaper decorations for more expensive and nicer ones. (I could make a whole post of suggestions on this one!)
  • Also a form of designing: Make a special area or message for a special friend or loved one. Or check out the various guides on 2D or 3D designing and challenge yourself to do something really cool. Add heights and depths to your town, play with perspective, make windy paths in KL, etc.
  • Have you really finished all there is to do in the game? Meaning:
  • - Road to Riches
  • - Friendship Prizes
  • - SH Heights: Do you have Paris Texan? Have you ground your way all the the way to 2B? Have you built and upgraded all buildings, including the beach hideaways? Expanded all the land and water? Stockpiled materials in case of an expansion event?
  • - Fully upgraded the Giant Redwood Tree?
  • - Full upgraded the IRS?
  • - Fully upgraded the Burns Money Mountain and got the gorilla vest skin?
  • - Finished all outstanding tasks other than the ones you're intentionally keeping open?
  • - Maxed out your in game cash?
  • - Stockpiled enough donuts to survive the next time Homer nukes the town?
  • - Expanded every square of land?
  • Empty the yearbook and design or store everything received
  • Buy mystery boxes or other items to boost your bonus %
  • Spend time manually putting characters on all your favourite tasks you may not have seen for awhile, or in skins you've been neglecting
  • Play neighbour games. This can be a bit difficult as you need to neighbour up and communicate somehow (i.e. through here), but you can play hide and seek for special items or messages, tag each other's buildings, etc. Go to each neighbour and post one area of their town you love in a special thread that can be created for this.
  • Download this great list by Orion's Bell and go on a Hide and Seek game of your own to find and inventory every item in the game in your town: http://www.orionsbell.com/simpsons/springfieldchecklist.html
  • Start a B Town. A lot of people are hesitant to do this, but you definitely have the time now. I recently gave in and am very glad I did. For long time players, A LOT has changed in terms of what you get, when, with what, and even quests and quest dialogue. There was a ton I had forgotten and I've really been enjoying going through it all again and playing happier and smarter. My main town will always be my baby, but this is my chance to do things differently where I've always liked multiple design ideas, and it's really kept my interest piqued until we hopefully get moving again in the game content and events.

So there you have it! Did I miss anything, inspire you to do something new or finish up something you've been neglecting? It really sucks there's not much happening right now, but for many, there's still plenty of ways to keep playing and having fun.


  • Castiel19x
    4277 posts Member
    edited May 2019
    I don't see:
    • Have you tried nuking
    TOUK is the best also have you considered Nuking. Don't forget about the Springfield Showcase
  • Willy9292
    1663 posts Member
    Good list @GrowlyOne . I did the second town a while ago and have lots to do there. My main town has everything on the list but the $2 bill which I'm going to start on.
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  • 168sean168
    3828 posts Member
    Tagging your friends. It is actually quite hard to locate the four taggable buildings, especially when they don't practice zoning. It is also a chance to admire the design work of your neighbors. Of course there is a risk that there might be vexed neighbours unfriending you for the tagging.
  • I'm trying to clear the towns of a couple of neighbors who stopped playing, but have nice looking towns. I'm about half way.
  • OhHappyJays
    1633 posts Member
    Castiel19x wrote: »
    I don't see:
    • Have you tried nuking

    This is probably the only time where nuking is an actual, appropriate action given the circumstances.
    Trying to control the horizontal & the vertical. Do not adjust your TV.
  • I can’t nuke till I know the fate of the game.
  • Good Thread! 👏🏻
  • I can’t nuke till I know the fate of the game.

    That's right if we don't get to play with it then were going to blow up the whole town and then March off singing onward Christian soldiers, just like they did in Little House on the Prairie (except they had to use TNT).
  • Castiel19x wrote: »
    I don't see:
    • Have you tried nuking
    It is in the list at the beginning.
    Good thread and many good solutions to kill the waiting .
  • johncolombo
    11408 posts Senior Moderator
    Thanks for the positive thread. All good advice.
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  • KLmaker
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    edited June 2019
    What I'm doing with my town.
    GrowlyOne wrote: »
    keep playing and having fun.
    • Design! (obviously). Clean up my messy town.
    • Try and do a bit of designing and borrow from pics I've seen here or other sites.
    • Recycle to collect monorail pieces.
    • - Only 213 donuts.
    • Making a special message to EA, GIVE BACK KRUSTYLAND, and it is all in capitals.
    • Constantly looking at 2D and 3D designs on Google image search.
    • Adding heights and depths to my town, playing with perspective, making windy paths.
    • - SFH: Have Paris Texan. Have 2B?
    • Need to redesign SFH, everthing has been dumped, need more land.
    • - Have expanded all the land and water.
    • - Have stockpiled materials in case of an expansion event.
    • - On final section of upgrading Giant Redwood Tree? But Lisa is on event now.
    • - Have not finished the IRS, 7M, that can wait.
    • - Outstanding tasks, Bounce, won't work, Money Mountain, no money.
    • - About 600,000 In Game Cash.

    Level 152. Bonus 231%.

    This event, lag, Bart screens, crashing, is getting a bit in the way of everything.

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