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Would you support a monthly fee to support the app?


  • Nope. Actually- HELL No.
    I haven't quit for almost 7? years.... THAT would make me stop playing.
    You know, not everyone that plays has extra money....
    They are appealing to the masses by having a free game, that you can buy extras if inclined. Generally, most companies don't intentionally exclude an entire customer base....(for this example, us poor humans)
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  • jankrohn
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    Lol I am not from EA! They may hire me after this post !!

    Given the replies in this thread - no they won't.
  • I had some similar thoughts a few days ago.

    I was bored and tried some other freemium games. How were they? Not so comic dialogs. Many many videos the player has to watch... And "events" that gave me the impression that they were intentionally planned in such a way that the player can't achieve the aim before the end of the event without paying money or watching videos.

    Fortunately, you could not win any prizes I desperately would have liked to win.

    Compared to this, the Simpsons is a comfortable game, no force... I consider this very sympathetic.

    As I would really miss the game, if it ended, I'd agree to pay a small amount regularily (not more than about 50 Euros a year). I like the dialogs and the visible jobs. For me, the game is much more entertaining than the TV-show.

    Super events would be fun...
  • Lobes06
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    Given that I have the glitch for over an year now, of course not.

  • That’s a Hard No.
  • OhHappyJays
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    I don't know why we're still discussing this. Anyone who would agree with this is obviously in the minority.

    No. Just, just no.

    This would totally defeat the purpose of this being a Freemium game if you're forced or nudged into buying this "membership" so to speak.
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  • nope we've donuts already that means that payment
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  • Nope.
  • jukan00
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    Of course not. EA has billions of dollars.
  • Not a monthly cover. Not because I have issues spending money to support a game I love, but because I really love how TSTO has made the game accessible to everyone, without requiring cash purchases to actually finish event prize tracks or throwing ads in your face, etc. It's always been a huge part of the appeal. But make no mistake, those who are playing free are getting that free ride on the coat tails of other players. I am happy to make one cash purchase of approx. $10 per major event for an exclusive character or building. The caveat being - not more than $10 ($50 building can go take a leap), and that character or building cannot be offered again for only donuts for at least a year.
  • No. I’m still not over what just occurred these past weeks.
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  • I compare this to the Topps model. If you are not aware, Topps has numerous Trading Card Apps and after approx a year introduced an in game currency. All users still get their credits every day BUT those that purchased the currency received access to exclusive cards or significantly better odds on the cards. Sales increased across all of the apps despite the outrage.

    Some of you have argued that donuts are the currency within this game but given the fact that donut farming is a reality for anyone that plays the game, it’s a moot point.

    Like them or hate them, Disney is successful for a reason. I believe it’s when not if a tiered system is introduced within this game.
  • Why would anyone even suggest this?
    Yes, THAT MoopsDude

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  • Yes, IF I can use in-game cash to pay the $6.99 monthly fee.
  • BlauMuj
    152 posts Member
    Yes, IF I can use in-game cash to pay the $6.99 monthly fee.

    That would be ideal!
  • BlauMuj
    152 posts Member
    I'd pay a monthly fee just to not see Bart's snarky smile when he pulls the plug!
  • bluntcard
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    I feel owed some kind of reparations for the Pagen Event.
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  • No, especially when we just went through 2 months with no content, and nothing of value.
  • I would definitely pay a monthly fee.

    er, I mean, no.
  • NO ! NO ! NO !
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