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I just tried to add a new player

They show up under my list of players. can't access them when there in the bottom list. I have all kinds of space to add players. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Help ....
If you've not been accepted by me. Try again, please. My board is sending you to below my player list. And I don't know why. I only have about 25 players. And someone said it's unlimited. I was under the impression you could have 100 neighbors. Regardless it's not working when i hit add you. :'(


  • That's one of the server issues.
    You can delete them reboot your device and try again. On their end, they possibly have no problem visiting your town and have no idea there is a problem on your end. If you got their name here you can message them and ask them to try to add you from their end.
    There is a limit of 100 Origin neighbors but I believe Facebook neighbors are unlimited.
  • Thank you. I've added a couple since the problem.
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