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Any ideas when Golden Goose Realty is coming back.

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Went into the monorail yesterday just to see what was what as I couldn't remember anything and I need more pieces.
I have less than 100 altogether.

To my horror, literally, I discovered on the 5th section I get 10 track pieces and 10 donuts, I am halfway through section 3.
How could I have missed that.

When it was here last time I bought a couple of buildings, I think Bethlehem Inn and something like Timberlog ? Inn.
Then discovered GGR and I was about 40 donuts short, I managed to build up 30 but not the other 10, 10 ugh, nasty.

I need 200 Tokens, the game produces them but way to slow, need to include events, yeah best not go there plenty of posts already.

At the current rate it would take a few years, if only I had noticed the railyard, it is the first time it has had donuts on the progress track.


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