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There has been plenty of speculation over the game ending over the years. In the old days, we would hold our breath between level updates (sometimes taking months for an update), and recently waiting between updates/events. Sadly, I think the real demise of the game is this mini-event format. While I have no plans to stop tapping, they have essentially eliminated what made the game "life ruiningly fun." They have removed all of the elements that made this game addictive to players and a revenue driver for EA. No more community prizes, event awards based on social interactions / neighbor visits, Friend Point prizes, aspirational items, episode tie-ins and now long format events. These mini-events are better than nothing - but they are easy to complete and don't incentivize logging in every four hours, visiting neighbors and the general grinding that got us all hooked on pixels in the first place. And before anyone responds with a snarky "no ones making you stay" comment, I am simply sharing my disappointment in what I view will be the slow demise of something that has been a daily part of my life for many years. Even this forum was so vibrant at one time, I'd find myself logging in multiple times a day (an hour!) just to read the next post or get strategies and tips, beneficial glitches (e.g. endless bobs private messages!) and the overall comradery of my fellow tappers. This has been more of an artistic outlet / hobby than a game to me and these mini events (and updates without content) are bumming me out.


  • I completely agree with you on all points... although there's the unfortunate possibility that we're in the minority here. @cdepast
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  • bluntcard
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    Well, it's been a good run, longer than I could have hoped for. I guess they need to make cuts in order for it to still make money. But for me the community aspect of this game ( which I loved ) ended years ago. I still enjoy my little town. Hope they keep up with something for a few more years to come. Who knows what the future may bring. It may all come back.
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  • 4junk3000
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    I think the "demise of the game" exists only in the minds of people who keep saying it's dying/dead. I'm just rolling along business as usual, enjoying the game as much as ever, possibly even more than ever.

    Why? How am i so satisfied? I'm always surprised when people want to bash me, rather than join me in trying to maintain optimism. But I'm earning money fine, earning more donuts than ever, getting plenty of new content, will certainly not be crying for more land anytime soon, and just need to deal with the item limit which has ALWAYS been the same little nuisance. I'm over the KL migration, now that I've rebuilt a new KL I'm happy with, and i expect to keep taking whatever they dish out.

    So far it seems like they've been trying to deliver whatever we want.
    We wanted a "collect all"...
    We wanted an "area select"...
    We wanted a "task all"...
    We wanted less repetitive crafting...
    We wanted less random prize awards...
    We wanted more land...
    We wanted a greater zoom out...

    We got all those things, in some form or another. I think the only thing we haven't got, that we've asked for as long as i can remember, is the Just Stamp The Ticket Guy. I'll wait patiently for that too.

    As far as the "demise" of this forum, well that's on US. I start new threads to encourage group participation very frequently. Participation by others just isn't what it used to be. The last thread i started was simply to ask others to express their dreams for their town. It got quite a few views, but less than 20 replies and only 4 likes.

    The last two times i tried to host a contest they flopped because <5 cared to participate. The last time i even asked about a contest, no one answered. I try to get people to share designs in the Showcase. I try to get people to share their KLs. I've tried starting games and conversations in OT. And I'm always trying to get people to share optimism for the game, but i get shut down. So yeah, I've decreased my participation significantly, because i feel pretty unwelcome here. I'd love to see a resurgence of community enthusiasm. But it seems like everyone here is standing around with their hand out, waiting for EA to provide some miracle that will hit them like a dose of X. I think expectations are far too high, but heaven forbid i ever say THAT to anyone directly, or even indirectly.

    Idk how to make things better for the community. I wish I could. My efforts have failed.
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  • Willy9292
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    @cdepast I agree with pretty well all you said. When new friendship prizes it was almost mandatory to do every visit to try to be the first of your neighbours to get them.
    There is no longer the 4 hour grind, and I can't remember having to work at getting all the prizes before the event ended. I remember some late nights trying to get finished.
    @4junk3000 you make a lot of good points too. Personally I enjoyed the thinking forward thread. I see a lot of people posting a question, usually one covered in the tips thread, but having no interaction.

    Do you guys remember the railroad day thread from @wadebear that had huge support and huge hate at the same time. We had discussion that didn't get personal back then.

    I would like some full events but not more of the same old. I actually, sorta, kinda, miss crafting.. (duck)

    I also, alas, have no answers.
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  • cdepast
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    @4junk3000 Part of the reason the forum has died out is directly linked to the game mechanics. I'm glad the game is giving you so much joy still. It has certainly given me a lot of joy too.
  • ZennGlenn
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    edited May 2019

    ☯️🌈🤪Well, haven't chimed in for a while, but lurked off & on the last couple months while somewhat conveniently busy w/other things in life... Of course glad to see some long time neiboreenos still here w/the game off 'life support' & retaining much of its ✨luster✨, while I continue to patiently 'long term lobby' for some interesting funky cameos that could/ would / should be outstanding, &/ or unique weather upgrades & special events🤪🌈☯️

  • Completely agree. I find myself forgetting to log in every four hours now to complete tasks. There's a loss of incentive there.
  • Deadshot_DCU
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    Here’s hoping for a full event to launch next
  • Here’s hoping for a full event to launch next

    Fingers crossed, although I would rather be working and earning money.
  • The game isn’t dying, but seems to me it has definitely checked into the retirement home. There’s still plenty to do, scabble, bingo, flirting with the hot young 70-something down the hall... but the days of music festivals, night clubs and half marathons are gone.

    I haven’t watched the show in years, so maybe I’m wrong. Maybe there is a larger pool of potential new characters and buildings than I’m aware of?
  • KLmaker
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    It all depends on when I can get access to someone's iPad.
    It was downloaded for a much younger person, but I'm doing it now!

    Do it in the evening, in the morning before I go to work and in the night if I wake up and need the facilities.
    Especially at the moment as I'm crushing cans in the recycling.
    All 3 blueprints need metal, I am down to 15 at the moment and maxed out on plastic and glass.
    I going to try and snatch time to build up to 245 metal, so tonight I can get the blueprints.

    The main problem is this, (Insert very bad words, plural not singular), lag.

    Which is in part why I won't be collecting blueprints as the metal builds up.

    I don't know what it was all like in the early days, though I am missing a big event, but it was the rising costs that I hated, especially Moe's Ark.

    But with the increased down time I was using it to collect IGC, donuts, land, move buildings, reorganise a bit, which has been a major pain in the proverbial with this lag, Bart screens and crashing.
    I login as often as possible to try and stop my pickaxes maxing at 50, if I've got 'em, use 'em and collect tax

    To be honest, if they fixed the lag, fixed the Bart screens, fixed the crashing, and it made it fun to do all the usual stuff, (Some might say boring stuff), and not do an event because they were thinking up ideas for a really good one, especially after the down time, I wouldn't have minded.

    Sure I'm doing the Mom's one, building tax and character wages, but it hasn't captured my imagination.

    I was expecting a big event and I do like them, but it was just the ever increasing prices for Act's 2 & 3 that I couldn't get on with.
    I was hoping they would re-release the land from Moe's Ark, not the one's that are in YMB, I mean Great Plains & Warmongers for example, (But not just those 2 of course), but you never know?
  • cjryder625
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    the problem I find with these mini events is there is no collaboration or need to visit neighbours. There also is nothing to discuss on here because it is just the same 4hr quests over and over to gain prizes. It has all become very tedious and boring.
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  • The game isn’t dying, but seems to me it has definitely checked into the retirement home. There’s still plenty to do, scabble, bingo, flirting with the hot young 70-something down the hall... but the days of music festivals, night clubs and half marathons are gone.

    I haven’t watched the show in years, so maybe I’m wrong. Maybe there is a larger pool of potential new characters and buildings than I’m aware of?

    I would like to agree, but sadly I think the upcoming game announcement at EA negates the possibility that it isn't dying. It should have enough life left in it until the end of the year, so I reckon we'll get full-blown Halloween and Christmas events, but after that I can see the game being removed from the App Store and the Simpsons being incorporated into an entirely new simulation game that encompasses both Disney and Fox properties.

    That's just my theory, and I'd love to be proven wrong (Honestly, I'd rather a Hit & Run remaster or sequel co-existing alongside Tapped Out) but I can't see it lasting much longer.
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