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KEM Farmers - Do You Get Up in the Middle of the Night to Refresh Your Farm?

I'm a KEM farmer, and I go to sleep when I set a KEM farm (or shortly after), then set up an alarm to get up 4 hours later to claim/reset it, then set up another alarm to get my final 4 hours of sleep.

I basically don't go to sleep until a KEM farm is done, because it's less time I have to sleep before I have to get up. And I send all my characters on jobs too if they're synched up (sometimes they're not). If I didn't do this, I would be losing an entire 1/6 potential KEM batches per day. I also do this partly because I get up in the middle of sleep to claim something from another iphone game anyway.

I was just curious, does anyone else do this? Or am I the only one crazy enough to?


  • frosted1414
    2161 posts Member
    I'll just agree with you and say; yes, you are crazy :tongue:
  • 1EllieG7294
    1868 posts Member
    I did not do that when I was farming, but when I was new, I would get up for event resetting. Those big events were hard if you were new.
  • Not with this game, but I have done it with game events that could only be completed by real money or continually playing every 4 hours.
  • 168sean168
    3577 posts Member
    I have done it on events in the past that could only be completed if you tapped diligently and I had a dearth of donuts then. But I don't do it during donuts farming. I am now using rat trap truck if I ever need donuts and I will be done in five minutes.
  • KLmaker
    751 posts Member
    I have done it with events if I woke up and needed to use the facilities.
  • There are only two things worth my waking up for after 4 hours sleep
  • KLmaker
    751 posts Member
    [quote="lucienleon519;c-2070137"]There are only two things worth my waking up for after 4 hours sleep [/quote]

    Beer and donuts.

    Your avatar with your statement underneath, it just looked so right.
  • Well ok, make that four things
  • Well ok, make that four things

    The house is on fire?
  • #4 was taking a slash, but mortal danger is a good #5
  • KLmaker
    751 posts Member
    [quote="Lancemountain37;c-2070148"][quote="lucienleon519;c-2070145"]Well ok, make that four things[/quote]

    The house is on fire?

    I went camping under canvas May 2008, that evening we're all around camp fire which is a 3' x 3' raised metal pit to prevent ground scorching, and I'm on the cider!

    At some point I lie down in a semi-recumbent position because my legs are starting to go, the 2 people I was talking too turn in, the few people on the other side of camp fire at some point do the same and wonder where I went, but go to bed anyway.

    I wake up and I can see flames above me, and I think "Flames, why?", "Is the tent on fire?", "Why is the tent on fire?", "How could the tent be on fire?".

    This is actual speed not life flashing past my eyes in a split second, I move my head to look around to see if there is more fire???
    Then I see metal right next to my face, and I realise I am virtually under the fire pit looking up the side of it?

    It's about 4:30 and everyone has cleared off to bed, lucky it didn't rain.
    I do the same and go to bed, I thought it might rain, it doesn't, shame, could've stayed there all night and had a good laugh in the morning.
  • The only times I tapped in the middle of the night were when my kids were infants and I was up anyway.
  • OhHappyJays
    1608 posts Member
    No. When my head hits the pillow, I'm out like a light.
    Trying to control the horizontal & the vertical. Do not adjust your TV.
  • "It sounds like you're working...for your car!"
  • JJR2112
    389 posts Member
    There was a time when things like that seemed important to me but your priorities will change a lot as you progress in this game. I don't farm anything at all anymore which is a far cry from a year ago.
  • One of the best things about the end (or hiatus) of large events is not having to feel like I have to use Tapped Out when I wake up in the middle of the night.
  • "It sounds like you're working...for your car!"

  • So all the rest of you KEM farmers are cool with only 5 batches a day instead of 6 (or ~5.9, realistically)?

    > @OhHappyJays said:
    > No. When my head hits the pillow, I'm out like a light.

    Same here, I fall asleep easily but I can get back up if I want something badly enough.
  • I used too, but not any longer
  • No. Even when I was donut poor and it was hard to get through events, no way. That's why I quit other unreasonable games. They stop being games when they stop being fun. Also, build up your bonus enough and you'll be able to buy anything you want with only KEM farming a round or two a day (or farming RTT's, etc.)
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