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Employment office problems with new update

ANyone else having issues sending characters on tasks with this building?
im not allowed to send anyone on any more 4hr tasks ( something ive always done since using the "sh2-Lounge"-style trick of sending everyone to that building to save collecting EVERYONE around the map. now its ghosted out with a "rush All 4hr Tasks" option and no way to send all of my couple-hundred characters on a chosen task
ANy ideas please? ( ive stored and put out the building too and nothing changed there)


  • it's ok, i found one way to sort it, and thats to clear everyone's tasks off the map
    Before I could easily tap the building with everyone inside and then the employment office to put them STRAIGHT BACK onto the buildings' 4hr task.... wonder if it was a glitch or something to look out for from now on :/
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