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just an fyi about the update and 2 devices

downloaded the update on my note 9 and began the new quest while at work yesterday and accumulated 64 VIP passes. Went home and updated my ipad and it said I had zero VIP passes. Went back on my note 9 and they were gone from there as well. At no point did I get the "progress was not saved from previous device" notification and I know I signed out of the note 9 prior to updating the ipad. Not crying about the 64 passes but if someone was further along and decided to update a different device days from now could propose an issue. I will be fine and finish the quests without an issue. Just letting you guys know. This hasn't happened to me in the past so it may be bug.


  • Muhsterino
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    Particularly if you play on 2 devices, synchronise by going to friends screen and back to your town each time you play so progress is saved.
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  • I use an ipad pro and an iPhone, and so far have had no issues. Maybe it's android vs ios?
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