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I love this half-new, half-old event! The best of both worlds!

I introduced my friend to this game and at first she was saddened because she missed out on a lot of the good stuff that were in previous events. Now she gets the chance to get them!

As for myself, I was a bit bummed when some events like the Marge one just gave repeat items, but with this event, I get new stuff too!

So yep, super satisfied!


  • simpsonare
    2264 posts Member
    I like the new event. Has a good feel with it. I think that it is updating some ok things. I will be suprised by whatever may come. I like what they did with this new event.
  • Totally agree ! I am a new player myself, so I get a chance at earning some older content, and brand new stuff all in one event !
  • Have to say I’m glad to see some people enjoying it -makes me wish I was more of a newbie!

    It is good to get something sort of new, but in terms of premium or store items for the first week there was only 1 I didn’t have already and available to me. Doesn’t look like their will be much else with the next acts either, so most of my new content will be limited to the prize tracks.

    Plus I’m really over this prize track format that’s been used on every event since around Christmas or just before. I find it a grind.

    I was really hoping for something significantly new in volume and interest to spend my mountains of in game cash and thousands of donuts on... maybe next month
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