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Town Portrait - not showing full town

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edited June 2019
So when I use Town Portrait Mode I see half my town in the upper right. It shows half of Krusty Burger then cuts off where Cletus's house is.

Picture is in comments since idk how to add here in edit mode, sorry

How do I get it to take a full picture of the entire town without cutting off the corner of it?
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  • JayWolf1995
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    edited June 2019
    This is what I see:

    It cut off the upper right hand corner where Cletus' House is located at
  • JJR2112
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    Mine does that a little too but it wasn't until I had all the possible land. Just a guess, but maybe the program is confused by the unpurchased land in the area and will do better once you are able to purchase more surrounding your town.
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